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Salim, Toufik Hamze shot dead: Guildford daylight execution horror as Alameddine conflict escalates

Two members of Sydney's notorious Hamze family are dead following a brazen daylight hit where 10 to 12 shots were fired in the city's west.

Salim Hamze, 18, and his father Toufik, 64, were found critically injured in a red Nissan Navara ute on Osgood St, Guildford shortly before 9am on Wednesday. 

Salim suffered multiple gunshot wounds and died at the scene. 

Toufik was shot in the head and died in hospital within the hour despite the frantic attempts of paramedics and nurses to save him.   

Daily Mail Australia understands Salim and his father were leaving home to go to work when they were assassinated. 

Police are also investigating a burnt out Lexus SUV found 1.8km away in Murdock Lane a short time after the shooting - a getaway car for the killers. 

The shooting is understood to be the latest escalation in the increasingly bloody Sydney underworld feud between the Alameddine and Hamze families. 

Salim Hamze and his father Toufik were found slumped in a red ute (pictured) following reports of a shooting in Guildford on Wednesday morning

Osgood St (pictured) in Guildford has been cordoned off as a high presence of police investigate the scene of the shooting

Dozens of police have arrived at the scene in Guildford to investigate the latest escalation in the long-running underworld feud between Alameddine and Hamze families

Osgood Street in Guildford has been cordoned off as specialist and forensic officers examine the crime scene

Salim Hamze, 18, and his father Toufik, 64 were shot while leaving for work. Pictured are police being briefed at the scene

A burnt out Lexus SUV (pictured) was found 1.8km away in Murdock Lane a short time after the shooting

Sources close to the Hamze clan told Daily Mail Australia family members held an urgent Zoom meeting with a criminal defence lawyer shortly in the wake of the slaying. 

Osgood Street has been cordoned off with a heavy presence of police, who spent the morning examining the crime scene and going door to door to interview shocked neighbours. 

A neighbour told Daily Mail Australia they heard the 'bang! bang! bang!' of bullets early this morning. 'It sounded like an automatic weapon,' they said.  

There has been a spate of public shootings in the area this year. One of them, in March, was just 800m up the road. 

The latest shooting has neighbours fearing the area is unsafe. 'It's scary. I heard police coming and helicopters over the top,' local Ali Ghazi told the ABC. 'Shocking. It's scary. It's not safe.' 

Residents who live near the burning car recalled their shock of looking out the window and seeing a Lexus SUV on fire.

'I was just sleeping and I woke up to the sound of a car horn, like a really long horn that went on for 30 seconds or so,' one told the Daily Telegraph.

'I got p****** off because it was so loud they woke me up, so I looked out the window and there was just fire and black smoke.

'Neighbours were screaming and standing out on the road, then we heard multiple bangs which must have been something in the car exploding.'

The slain pair are among four members of the extended Hamze family to be shot dead in the last year.

'We live in Merrylands but we were driving through this morning at about 9.30 and we saw the police everywhere,' these women (pictured) told Daily Mail Australia

Police were called to the Guildford street off Woodville Road shortly before 9am following reports of a shooting.

Police interview neighbours in the Guildford street following the assassinations of Salim Hamze and his father Toufik

A neighbour examines the horrifying crime scene in Guildford from behind police tape

There has been a spate of public shootings in the Guildford area this year. Pictured are police at the scene on Wednesday

A heavy presence of police remains in Osgood Street following a double assassination in broad daylight

Mejid Hamzy (left), the brother of jailed Brothers for Life gang founder Bassam (right) was gunned down outside his home at Condell Park in October last year

Bilal Hamzy, the cousin of Bassam, was executed in a drive-by shooting in Sydney's CBD in June (pictured above sequence of events) 

About a hundred men gathered at Rookwood necropolis to bury Bilal Hamze on June 23

 Dozens of male mourners carried Bilal Hamze's green coffin - emblazoned with Arabic writing - into the mosque at his funeral in June.

A burnt out car found after Bilal Hamze was executed in Sydney earlier this year

In June, the crime boss cousin of Brothers for Life gangster Bassam Hamzy was executed in a drive-by shooting after leaving Sydney's ritzy Kid Kyoto Japanese restaurant.

Underworld figure Bilal Hamze, 34, had a bounty on his head when he was shot twice in the stomach and once in the shoulder in front of shocked onlookers.

Bilal was hiding out in the city amid underworld conflict with members of the rival Alameddine clan.

His public assassination came after his own mother Maha Hamze's home in Auburn was the target of a drive-by shooting in February.

No one inside was injured but a nurse at a nearby hospital was hurt when a stray bullet destroyed a window she was standing near.

In October last year, Mejid Hamzy - the younger brother of Bassam, was gunned down in broad daylight outside his Condell Park home.

 The shooting (scene pictured) is understood to be the latest escalation in the long-running Sydney underworld feud between the Alameddine and Hamze families

Two brothers allegedly linked to the Alameddine family have been arrested over the fatal shooting of Mejid, but police believe the gunmen are still at large.

In September, police released CCTV footage of two hooded men fleeing from the scene moments after Mejid was shot dead as they continue to hunt for the killers.

The CCTV captured the face and distinct blond hair of one the men briefly exposed after his hoodie fell off while fleeing the scene through the reserve before getting into two luxury cars.

Almost two months later, Shady Kanj, 22, was struck by a bullet while a passenger in a car driving on Boundary Rd, Chester Hill in western Sydney on August 6.

Kanj was an associate of both the Hamzy and Alameddine gangs,

A week later, a suspected murder attempt against another member of the Hamze clan was foiled following a police traffic stop in Sydney's north. 

Police believe gangland rivals had been planning to carry out an attack on Ibrahem Hamze when a stolen Mercedes was spotted on Walker Street on August 14.

The driver allegedly refused to stop the vehicle for officers before speeding off and running through a red light. 

But the car suffered a flat tyre forcing the driver and another passenger to abandon the vehicle on Miller Street at Cammeray.

Anyone with information about Wednesday morning's shooting is urged to call Crime Stoppers. 

Police are still hunting for the assassins who shot dead Mejid Hamzy. They released CCTV footage (above) in September in a bid to identify the gunmen