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Sales of off-shoulder tops have increased by 222%

After more than a year of wearing loungewear, a viral tweet has reawakened the fashion industry as shoppers splurge on off-shoulder tops to wear for their Covid-19 vaccination.

UK-based clothing discount marketplace Love The Sales, told Femail they've noticed a 222 per cent increase in searches for 'off the shoulder tops' since February and 107 per cent increase in demand for 'off the shoulder jumpers', compared with the same time last year.

The sudden surge in people embracing the design has been linked back to a viral post on Twitter that racked up almost 58,000 re-tweets.

Posting under the handle Chris Savidge, from Liverpool shared a photo of a off-shoulder top from Revolve, joking: 'Might order this for my vaccinations'. 

People from across the UK are embracing the trend for wearing 'off-shoulder' tops to have their vaccine, after a tweet (pictured) about the style went viral on Twitter

Despite the £235 grey sweater going viral as a joke, many people have gushed about wearing similar styles because of the ease when getting their vaccines with the added benefit of the warmer weather.

One person wrote: 'Buying a Flashdance-style-off-the-shoulder top, so I can do a flirty under arm reveal when I get the vaccine'

'I'm going out to see real humans... but for a Covid jab. So why not rock an off shoulder look with clean hair and makeup. At least I don't have to take top off and put them off their lunch,' another joked.

A third said: 'If you haven't gotten the vaccine I am here to remind you: That off the shoulder sweater you never wear is PERFECT for the occasion.'  

According to Love The Sales, there has been a 222 per cent increase in searches for 'off the shoulder tops' since February. Pictured: A design from Ted Baker

A stream of Twitter users have admitted they're embracing the fashion trend as an opportunity to be glamorous after a year wearing loungewear 

Another added: 'I wear off the shoulder shirts so that I can be ready to get my vaccine at a moments notice' 

Stuart McClure who is the co-founder of clothing discount marketplace LovetheSales.com, admitted he's surprised by the unexpected fashion trend.

He told FEMAIL: 'The pandemic has thrown up some odd fashion trends, the various lockdowns have seen an unprecedented rise demand for loungewear - but 'off the shoulder' tops? 

Stuart McClure who is the co-founder of Love The Sales, said they've seen a 'crazy spike' in searches for off-shoulder tops. Pictured: A design from Karen Millen

'That has really come out of left field - with everyone clamouring for the vaccine so they can be protected and return to normal we've seen a crazy spike in demand for clothing that will make administering the jab easier and perhaps show off that little protective plaster!' 

According to Tyla, PrettyLittleThing has also seen a 29 per cent increase in searches for 'off the shoulder' styles between January and February.  

Lyst has also seen searches for tops including the terms 'one-shoulder' and 'off-shoulder' increase 27 per cent month-on-month.

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