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Ruth Davidson reveals 'keeping her head above water' becomes 'harder' the longer lockdown goes on 

Ruth Davidson has opened up about her mental health struggles during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Former Scottish Tory leader, 40,  who lives in Edinburgh, revealed she has found 'keeping her head above water' is becoming 'harder' the longer that lockdown goes on.

Writing on Hollyrood.com, Ruth said: 'When lockdown started, I tried to put in place lots of coping mechanisms to keep my head above water. 

'At the point of writing, I think I’ve done OK at not letting this affect me too much, but I know the longer this goes on, the harder it gets.'

Ruth Davidson, 40, who lives in Edinburgh, has revealed she has found 'keeping her head above water' is becoming 'harder' the longer that lockdown goes on 

She went on to reveal that her 'significant workload', as well as 'purposeful activity' to help others throughout the lockdown, had been helping her to focus.

The mother-of-one, who lives with her fiancée Jen Wilson, 38, welcomed a son Finn, who Ruth gave birth to in October 2018.

She added that having a partner also working full-time from home, as well as a toddler to look after, meant she was 'keeping busy' and is 'tired' every night as she went to bed.  

But the politician also revealed she had taken several steps in order to maintain her mental health during the crisis.

The Scottish MSP said she has tried to keep herself busy throughout lockdown, has cut out drinking and is exercising everyday (pictured last month) 

She said she 'resolved' to reduce her drinking to 'almost zero', to exercise every day and to plan to eat healthy meals.

She also revealed she had been setting both short and medium-term goals, including writing lists and ticking things off. 

The Tory star, who is credited with masterminding the party's revival north of the Border, resigned from the party leadership in order to be a full time mother in August. 

The 40-year-old, who was touted as a future leader of the UK Conservatives until she explicitly ruled out taking on the post, will continue as MSP for Edinburgh Central until 2021. 

The former leader of the Scottish Conservative party said she tried her best to avoid publicity while undergoing IVF, and sent Jen to buy pregnancy tests 'under the cover of darkness' (pictured, with Jen and Finn in October 2018) 

Ruth has previously revealed that she suffered from suicidal thoughts as a teenager, and that she would not risk her mental health by running for Prime Minister. 

Asked if she had her eye on No 10, the 39-year-old replied: ‘No. I value my relationship and my mental health too much for it. I will not be a candidate.’ 

In her impassioned resignation letter, the mother-of-one  referenced the birth of her son Finn with Jen as the biggest change in her life, saying: 'I fear that having tried to be a good leader over the years, I have proved a poor daughter, sister, partner and friend.'

She wrote: 'The party and my work has always come first, often at the expense of commitments to loved ones. The arrival of my son means I now make a different choice.'  

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