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Runaway car speeds down a hill and misses picnickers by inches

This is the moment a runaway car rolls down a hill and misses picnickers by inches in Russia after the driver gets out without putting on the handbrake.

In the video the driver is seen standing beside the car with one foot in the footwell, apparently after getting stuck on a grassy verge.

But when the car is given a push it rolls backwards, knocking the driver to the ground.

It then shoots forwards, gathering speed as it charges down the hill towards a row of parked cars and happy picnickers.

Screams are heard as the vehicle misses a family by inches and slams into a parked car.

The shocking accident was filmed in Davlekan, almost 400 miles south-west of Yekaterinburg and near the border with Kazakhstan, on July 11.

This is the moment a runaway car rolls down a hill towards a group of picnickers in Davlekan, Russia. Screams are heard as it approaches the families

The empty car slammed into a parked vehicle next to a family of five. Video captured the father and one child being thrown to the floor

The 53-second video shows the driver appearing to talk to another person before losing control of the vehicle.

As it silently lurches down the hill whistles are heard, alerting day-trippers to its approach.

The car zooms past a family enjoying a picnic beside their car, and two people backing away from their vehicle, before hitting a parked car next to a family-of-five.

The father and a child are both shown falling to the ground. It is understood that no one was injured in the accident.

The accident happened after the driver got out of the car while leaving one foot in the footwell. It appears that they thought the vehicle had got stuck on a grassy verge

But when it was given a push the car lurched backwards and then careered forwards

A witness said: 'This man forgot to apply the handbrake when he got out of his car while manoeuvring it near the top of the hillside.

'(This caused) it to roll down the hill without a driver and crash into cars parked at the bottom.'

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