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Rudy Giuliani plans his own PODCAST to proclaim his and Trump's innocence as impeachment heats up

Rudy Giuliani was overheard on Saturday floating launching a podcast that would focus on providing analysis of the public hearings related to the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump.

While speaking to an unidentified woman at Sant Ambroeus, a crowded New York City restaurant, over the weekend, Donald Trump's personal attorney was heard detailing specifics of a potential podcast, two people who overheard the conversation told CNN.

The conversation lasted more than an hour and included specifics on recording dates, release dates, choosing a logo and the process of uploading a podcast to iTunes and other podcast distributors, the two individuals revealed in an audio recording of the discussion.

The individuals who came forward with the recording did so on the condition that it would not be published.

Rudy Giuliani is planning a podcast, with four or five episodes, that would defend himself and the president during the impeachment inquiry

The staunch Trump supporter hopes to have the episodes released before the proceedings reach the Senate

Christianné Allen, a spokeswoman for Giuliani, confirmed to CNN that the former Republican New York City mayor discussed the podcast idea at lunch on Saturday.

'Many Americans want to hear directly from Rudy Giuliani,' Allen said. 'He is considering several options, in consultation with Jay Sekulow and the legal team, regarding the best way to move forward. As of now, they have not decided on the strategy but are getting very close.'

Giuliani has been known not to be discreet, and last month butt-dialed an NBC reporter and left a lengthy voicemail where he was heard trashing former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. 

The Democrat-led impeachment inquiry in the House is focused on Trump's relations with Ukraine, and the potential that he could have improperly set a quid pro quo by requesting the Ukrainian government investigate Joe Biden in exchange for the U.S. releasing military aid to the country.

The investigation has also set its eyes on Giuliani, who is accused of engaging in shadow diplomacy in Ukraine.

Giuliani is a longtime ally and staunch defender of the president. He has gone on television several times as a surrogate for Trump.

The lawyer said in his conversation about a potential podcast focused on the impeachment inquiry that he would want to have a four or five episode series.

He wants 'to analyze the impeachment in every aspect' with at least four episodes completed by the start of the Senate trial.

The House will begin public hearings as part of the impeachment inquiry on Wednesday after holding a series of closed-door testimony over the past few weeks from individuals related to the charges being levied against the president.

During his discussion with the unidentified woman on Saturday, Giuliani also mentioned plans to publish two op-eds for major newspapers.

The first piece, he detailed, would be centered on explaining why Trump is 'unimpeachable' with the second expanding on that with Giuliani explains his defense of his client.

The podcast would be a way for Giuliani to tell his side of the story as several witnesses in closed-door testimonies have described him as a key facilitator of conversations that have led to the impeachment investigation.

A person close to Trump's legal team suggested that the podcast and op-eds would be a good way for Giuliani to counter-balance as the testimony dominates media coverage.

This week former Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, senior State Department official George Kent and the top diplomat in Ukraine following Yovanovitch's removal Bill Taylor, among others, will testify in public hearings.

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