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Rudy Giuliani ADMITS associate asked Trump to pay $20,000-a-day fee to dispute election results

Rudy Giuliani has admitted that his associate emailed Trump campaign officials requesting he be paid $20,000 per day to dispute the results of the November election. 

Giuliani, who is one of Trump's personal lawyers, has previously denied demanding money for his legal services, saying he wanted to help the prove claims of electoral fraud free of charge. 

However, in a phone conversation with The New York Times on Friday, the 74-year-old conceded that his associate, Maria Ryan, had sent an email to at least three Trump campaign officials on  November 4 demanding payment.

Giuliani told the publication that he was as 'unaware' that the email was sent as he was 'out of town' at the time. 

'I never had a single expectation of being paid a penny,' Giuliani told the Times.  

'I feel extremely bad that I'm portrayed as some kind of money-grubbing ambulance chaser'.

Rudy Giuliani has admitted that his associate emailed Trump campaign officials requesting he be paid $20,000 per day to dispute the results of the November election

Giuliani's associated Maria Ryan allegedly sent an email on November 4 demanding he be paid $20,000 per day to help Trump overturn the election results. Giuliani and Ryan are pictured in September 2019 

Ryan's e-mail reportedly stated that instead of Giuliani demanding $2,000 an hour, 'we will contract for $20,000 a day which will include all of the expenses for Mr. Giuliani and his staff'. 

Giuliani's admission came a week after reports surfaced that Trump had ordered his aides not to pay any such fees. 

Sources told The Washington Post that Trump was angered by Giuliani's request, and additionally 'demanded that he personally approve any reimbursements for the expenses Giuliani incurred while traveling on his behalf to challenge election results in key states.'

Giuliani told The Times on Friday that he has not received any money for helping Trump in his legal bid, aside from having 'a few expenses reimbursed'. 

It is unclear whether Trump and Giuliani are currently on speaking terms. Giuliani did not divulge the status of their relationship during his interview. 

 Giuliani told The Times on Friday that he has not received any money for helping Trump in his legal bid, aside from having 'a few expenses reimbursed'

Last week, Giuliani stated that he would not be on Trump's legal team in his upcoming senate impeachment trial pertaining to the siege of the Capitol on January 6. 

Giuliani told ABC: 'Because I gave an earlier speech [at the January 6 Trump rally], I am a witness and therefore unable to participate in court or senate chamber.'

Giuliani has been seen as one of Trump's staunchest allies, and has vigorously defended him in public since his election loss.  

But the former New York City mayor's legal charge challenging the election took bizarre turns at times, such as the notorious press conference held in the parking lot of Four Seasons Total Landscaping outside Philadelphia.

It led to speculation that the location had been mistakenly booked in the belief that it was the upscale Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia in Center City, although the incident was never fully explained.

In his election challenge push, Giuliani held a notorious press conference in the parking lot of Four Seasons Total Landscaping outside Philadelphia in November, leading to speculation that the location had been booked in the belief it was the posh Four Seasons hotel

At another press conference, at the Republican National Committee in Washington DC, an agitated and sweaty Giuliani appeared to be melting on live TV, with some kind of hair dye dripping down the side of his face.

Trump, who is known to fixate on the image of his aides, insisting they project a polished veneer, was likely unhappy with those debacles and the mockery they drew.

As well, Giuliani now faces his own potential legal exposure for telling supporters to engage in 'trial by combat' in his remarks at a January 6 rally, following which Trump's supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol.  

Defending his rally remarks, Giuliani has said that he was quoting from the HBO series Game Of Thrones, which he inexplicably described as a 'famous documentary about fictitious medieval England.' 

Giuliani's rally comments appear in evidence for impeachment, after a House Judiciary Committee report cited them before the House voted to impeach Trump Wednesday on a single count of 'incitement to insurrection.'

Giuliani is also facing possible expulsion from the New York State Bar Association over the incendiary remarks. 

Removal from the bar association, a voluntary membership organization dating to 1876, is not the same as being disbarred and banned from practicing law. That can only be done by the courts. 

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