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RSPCA releases shocking photos of horrific neglect of white poodle by western Sydney dog owner

Horrific photos have emerged of the shocking condition of a poodle crossbreed left on the brink of death after he was cruelly neglected by his owner.

Aviary was found suffering from dental disease, faecal scalding, infected ear canals and conjunctivitis when he was seized by RSCPA officers at a western Sydney home last September.

RSCPA NSW has released graphic photos of the state of the flea-ridden dog and his matted coat after his owner was recently convicted on multiple animal cruelty offences and was banned from purchasing or owning an animal for five years.

Aviary required lifesaving veterinary treatment after being neglected by his owner

Aviary after her matted coat was removed - the fur weighed 700 grams and was dirty and full of fleas

The man, 71, failed to appear in Mount Druitt Local Court in May, where he was convicted of six counts of failing to provide vet treatment and fined $5,400 in his absence.

He was also ordered to pay an additional $6,107 in veterinary care and shelter costs to the RSPCA NSW. 

Inspectors found Aviary lying on the ground and in urgent need of veterinary treatment when they attended the Lethbridge Park home last September, according to facts tendered to the court.

The dog was immediately seized and taken to RSPCA NSW Sydney Veterinary Hospital to be examined.

'The veterinary report indicated that the dog had numerous health issues which remained untreated for significant periods of time, causing him unnecessary pain, suffering and discomfort,' a RSPCA statement read.  

The dog owner was convicted on six counts of multiple animal cruelty offences to Aviary

Aviary looked like a different dog after his matted and flea-riddled coast was shorn off

Aviary was suffering from a grade four dental disease with bone loss and gum recession at the tooth roots, and pus exuding from the root.

He also had inflamed, irritated skin at the perianal region due to faecal scalding, conjunctivitis and otitis externa (ear infections) which had been untreated for at least one week prior to examination. 

He had a heavy flea burden which had remained untreated for at least three weeks, and a very matted and dirty coat, for which the man failed to provide necessary grooming for at least one month prior to examination.

Thankfully Aviary bounced back to make a full recovery and was adopted into his forever home within several months. 

A much happier and healthier Aviary (pictured post-recovery) has gone to a loving hom

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