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Rose West's daughter says her mother might know what happened to Mary Bastholm but will never tell

The daughter of depraved serial killer Rose West has said she believes her mother may know what happened in the unsolved case of missing teen Mary Bastholm but won't say.

Mae West, 49, said in an interview that she fears her mother may die before she gives away any information about Mary, who went missing over 50 years ago.

Mary was last seen at a bus stop in Gloucester, close to Fred and Rose West's home, known as the 'House of Horrors' where they raped and murdered at least twelve girls and women.

Police are currently digging up the cafe where 15-year-old Mary worked in connection with the case, which Mae said had brought up 'intense emotions' for her.

Mary Bastholm had just turned 15 when she went missing whilst waiting for a bus in 1968 in Gloucester. Her disappearance has never been solved

Rose West was jailed in 1995 after being convicted for ten out of at least twelve of the killings committed by her and partner Fred

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, Mae said: 'I definitely want Mary's family to have closure. It's just so difficult that it all can't be sorted out in one go.'

Asked if she thought Rose may reveal information about Mary's murder, Mae said: 'She won't. I think Mary's murder was before her time but how do I know what they discussed?

'She never said anything. I don't know how she would have known, because mum would have been 15 when Mary disappeared.

'That's not to say that they didn't speak about it between them.'

Excavations at the cafe where Mary worked began by police on May 11. Family Liaison Officers are said to be supporting the surviving members of Mary's family

The cafe that police are currently excavating, The Clean Plate' cafe in Gloucester, is just half a mile from the West's previous home of 25 Cromwell Street.

Mary was a waitress and Mae's serial killer father Fred was a regular, but Mae said she has doubts that Mary's body would be lying there as she doesn't believe her father would have committed a murder in such a public place.

Fred is believed to have admitted killing Mary to his son Stephen but always denied this when questioned by police.

Mae suffered tremendously at the hands of her evil parents, as her father raped her and her mother beat her regularly.

Fred West, right, pictured with Rose, left, is believed to have confessed to killing Mary to his son Stephen, but would not admit it during police questioning

Mae West, 49 has often spoken of the horror she endured at the hands of her parents. She now fears that her mother Rose could hold information about Mary but won't tell anyone before she dies

Despite this, she kept in touch with her mother Rose for at least a decade after she was jailed in 1995.

She is no longer in touch with her and said she has become so distant from her that she doesn't think she will even be informed when her mother dies.

Mary Bastholm went missing as she waited for a bus on her way to visit her boyfriend, clutching a game of monopoly the pair planned to play. 

Some of the pieces were found on ground covered in snow close to the bus stop and a locket believed to belong to Mary was found at the House of Horrors.

A potential witness, retired reporter Alan Watkins, 74, said last week he believes he saw Mary getting into a grey van at the bus stop where she went missing.

But he claims police never followed it up with him, despite him reporting it them the next day.

And Fred West's 'confidant' Janet Leach was seen shopping just a few miles away from the excavations last week. 

Fred and Rose West committed at least twelve murders together over a twenty year period and nine bodies were found buried at their home. 

They are believed to have killed up to twenty girls all together.

Rose was the mother to eight children, five of whom were fathered by Fred.

Of the twelve murders, one was their own daughter Heather aged 16 and another daughter of Fred's called Charmaine aged just eight.

Fred, killed himself in jail aged 53, in January 1995 before he stood trial and Rose was convicted of ten of the killings.

Mae has often spoken about how her childhood memories haunt her. Her brother Barry committed suicide in November. 

Family liaison officers are said to be supporting surviving members of Mary's family as officers continue to search for her body. Her parents and elder brothers are no longer alive. 

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