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Ronnie O'Sullivan's estranged daughter hits out at him for never visiting his granddaughter

Ronnie O'Sullivan's estranged daughter has hit out at the snooker legend after claiming he has never made the effort to visit his one-year-old granddaughter. 

Taylor-Ann Magnus, now 23, is Ronnie's daughter with Sally-Ann Magnus, who he had a year-long relationship with in the 1990s.

Sally-Ann moved into Ronnie's family home in 1996 when both his parents were jailed, but when Ronnie's mum Maria was released from prison she kicked out Sally-Ann and the relationship was soon over.

Ronnie O'Sullivan's estranged daughter has claimed he never visited his granddaughter

The snooker star had Taylor-Ann with ex girlfriend Sally-Ann Magnus, who he dated in 1996

O'Sullivan also has two other children - Lily - born in 2006, and son Ronnie Jnr, pictured in 2014

O'Sullivan, 44, born in Wordsley, West Midlands has become one of the most recognisable and outspoken figures in snooker. His daughter Taylor-Ann has only ever met her dad 12 times in her life, but he had told of his delight at becoming a grandfather at 42 as well as his excitement to meet grandchild Zarah-Ann.

But ahead of O'Sullivan's starting his bid to win a sixth World Championship on Sunday evening, she lashed out at his distant role in her and her daughter's life.

'He might be world champion to some but he's not fit to be called 'Dad' let alone 'Grandad' as far as I'm concerned,' Taylor-Ann told The Sun. 

'Zarah-Ann will grow up never knowing who he is. He's made so many promises, but what he says and what he does are so different.' 

O'Sullivan has publicly declared his interest in being involved in his granddaughter's life

O'Sullivan is one of the most decorated snooker players whose career has been mired in controversies. 

In the 2006 Maplin Championship he decided to concede the quarter-finals after being down 4-1 in frames but leading 24-0 in the sixth frame - going against the rules of world snooker.

But ahead of the start of his bid for a sixth World Championship, Taylor-Ann has lashed out

He grabbed headlines last week after the decision to allow spectators into the Crucible for the World Championships despite concerns around the coronavirus, claiming snooker players were being 'treated like lab rats'.

Continuing in her revelations of her snooker ace father, Taylor-Ann also claimed that she has never been directly contacted him, and claims he only ever spoke to her through a friend.

Taylor-Ann, who gave birth in October 2018, added: 'When I read that Dad had said he wanted to see Zarah I thought there was a chance we could be a normal family and he could be a grandad to her.

She says she has cut O'Sullivan out of his life after claiming he has failed to act upon his words

'I had always hoped for a better, closer, more loving relationship with my dad and think I've been waiting for him my whole life.

'When I announced I was pregnant there was a little flurry of interest from Ronnie. His friend called me a couple of times and said Ronnie was really excited about being a grandad.

'I should have known better than to get my hopes up. He told a few reporters how sad he was that we aren't closer, and mentioned how much he'd love to see my daughter but that was pretty much it. It was just a show.

'He never contacted me personally once. It broke my heart.'

Taylor-Ann also revealed that she has turned her back on O'Sullivan and cut him out of his life, as well as using the mistakes he has made to make herself a better parent. 

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