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Riot police break up huge illegal DJ party attended by 'many hundreds' during lockdown 

Riot police broke up a huge illegal DJ party attended by 'many hundreds' of revellers in East London. 

People gathered in Clapton despite lockdown measures banning mass gatherings amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Social media pictures posted on Snapchat show crowds partying as a DJ plays in the road. 

Police are pictured in Clapton last night breaking up a huge party amid the coronavirus lockdown 

Pictured: Hackney Police in a residential street as the break up a party in East London last night

Hackney Police deployed a helicopter to the scene to break up the part at midnight last night. 

Officers confirmed there was a huge party unfolding in their borough in a social media post.

People are pictured gathered in Hackney, East London, where there was a huge party last night

Police are pictured arriving on the scene last night as a helicopter was deployed to the scene

The force tweeted: 'There is a large scale unlicensed music event in a residential street in E5 involving many hundreds of revellers. @NPASSouthEast are providing aerial support to officers on the ground.'

Hundreds of people gathered in Hackney, East London, for a party last night despite the lockdown measures 

A DJ was pictured at the scene in Hackney last night as police broke up a party in the street 

People are pictured in Hackney last night as they attended a party despite lockdown rules 

Snapchat videos showed police and cars at the scene as night falls on the mass gathering.  

Clips and pictures on Twitter also showed large groups on Hackney Marches earlier on in the day.

In a video posted on Twitter, one man can be heard saying: 'Check this out, there's a party going on in the park. There's like a DJ down this side.'

Elsewhere, people were seen at beauty spots across England enjoying the warm weather. 

It included groups on Clapham Common in south London as others were spotted on Bournemouth beach.  

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