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Rio de Janeiro pregnant woman tries to jump out a window as 'abusive' husband holds her back

This is the moment a 10-weeks pregnant woman attempts to jump from a second-floor window to escape the alleged beating inflicted by her husband before he drags her back into their apartment in Brazil.

The disturbing incident was recorded Saturday by residents in the Rio de Janeiro town of Duque de Caxias.

Video footage shows María José, 35, placing her left leg over the window, but her spouse Vitor Batista, 32, appears to pull her head and drags her back into the apartment.

A second video shows the pregnant mother-of-one leaning backwards over the window sill. Batista subsequently pulls his wife towards him as couple struggle while he tries to close the window.

Neighbors called the Civil Police who arrested Batista.

Still image from a video that captured the moment a pregnant María José was pulled back into her Rio de Janeiro second floor apartment moments after she tried to jump out the window and flee from her husband Vitor Batista who had repeatedly beaten her. Authorities were able to arrest Batista 

Vitor Batista pulls his wife back into the apartment while she leaned backwards over the window sill of their second floor apartment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Batista was arrested as a result of the domestic violence incident, which he described to police as 'just a couple's fight'

Batista reportedly became enraged Monday after he discovered that José written a note asking for help and thrown it out the window.

According to Brazilian news outlet G1, he told authorities that the quarrel was 'just a couple's fight.'

José told the network that her husband of two years had beaten her repeatedly throughout the course of their relationship. Batista allegedly threatened to her and her four-year-old son from a previous relationship.

She jumped out the window to escape his abuse in May.

'He was jealous and very possessive. He wouldn't let me go out on the street, just for work. I even lost my job,' José said.

'When he attacked me, I was scarred and couldn't work,' she added. 'I made up excuses because I stayed indoors.'

Vitor Batista holds his wife María José by the neck while he tries to close the window inside their Rio de Janeiro apartment

María José told Brazilian news outlet G1 that she had hope her husband Vitor Batista would change despite the fact that he had beaten her for two years

Despite the constant abuse, José held out hope that Batista would eventually change.

'We always believed that the person can change, but the aggression continues over time … And it only gets worse,' she said. 'I didn't have the courage. I was ashamed.'

Police superintendent Fernanda Fernandes credited neighbors with saving José's life.

'Maybe if the neighbors hadn't (called the police), filmed it, the vicim would not have survived,' Fernandes said. 

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