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Reverend reported to terror unit says support from pupils and parents makes his 'heart sing' 

Reverend Dr Bernard Randall last night said his 'heart sings' after parents and former pupils threw their support behind him.

In a letter to Bill Penty, the head of Trent College, one ex-pupil described the school's former chaplain as 'engaging, extremely clever and the most understanding man I am yet to meet'.

The former pupil, who declined to be named because he feared it would impact his future career, added: 'The sermon that Dr Randall held was merely presenting the idea that it is acceptable and indeed desirable for students to think for themselves, and if they feel the need, to question the school's actions.'

A parent praised Dr Randall for his 'central role of upholding the schools' Christian values and ethos'.

Reverend Dr Bernard Randall last night said his 'heart sings' after parents and former pupils threw their support behind him

They added: 'We must state that this sermon is not outdated, and many parents agree with Father Bernard that it is important to debate and discuss all issues our young people, teachers, staff and families face in a non-judgmental, or biased way.'

Dr Randall has also received a flood of messages of support from members of the public since The Mail on Sunday revealed his story last week.

A retired archdeacon wrote: 'You have been treated in a manner that is utterly contemptible. I thought your chapel address was gracious, thoughtful and entirely appropriate.' Meanwhile, a Christian teacher in a London secondary school said he shared Dr Randall's concerns.

Christian ethos: Trent College (pictured above) near Nottingham, which claimed that Dr Randall's 2019 school sermon was 'harmful to LGBT pupils' and flagged him to Prevent

He said: 'I find it deeply concerning how little we and the students are allowed to question the changes that are happening, and how much some of the changes undermine Christian values.'

Dr Randall said the messages of support had been 'wonderful'. He added: 'It makes my heart sing.'

'I believe that in many respects Trent is still an excellent school and I deeply miss excellent former colleagues who are outstanding teachers and I really feel for how conflicted they must be feeling at the whole situation.'

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