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Revenge beating hell of translator's boy, 11: Taliban target Afghans waiting for sanctuary

Former translators made a renewed call for help from Britain yesterday after suffering a string of revenge attacks by the Taliban.

Insurgents attacked the homes of two former interpreters who are waiting to hear if they can come to the UK.

Another interpreter who has been denied sanctuary claimed his son had been kidnapped and beaten. 

Ilyas, 11, who was kidnapped and beaten by insurgents yesterday because his father Musa worked for UK forces as a translator

He was rescued, it is claimed, by the intervention of tribal elders. Villagers are said to be turning in anyone who helped western operations

Musa, 35, a former supervisor of translators, said villagers in rural Paktia Province were turning in those who had worked for Western forces to Taliban fighters.

He revealed how his 11-year-old son, Ilyas, was abducted on his way to take exams at school yesterday and beaten with sticks by insurgents.

He was rescued, it is claimed, by the intervention of tribal elders.

Musa, who has twice been rejected for relocation because he was dismissed, said: ‘The Taliban has spies everywhere and they are rewarded for betraying those who worked for the British. We were very lucky to have my son back alive. He is a child who is a target because of my work for the UK.’

Other translators were targeted as intense street-to-street fighting between Taliban and Afghan forces spread through Helmand’s capital Lashkar Gah.

One house was hit repeatedly by gunfire while fighters smashed in the door of another property before blowing down a wall.

Both translators are among a dozen ex-interpreters for Special Forces waiting to hear from ministers if their pleas for sanctuary have been approved. A decision is expected in days.

Former translator Musa, whose son was kidnapped and beaten. He has twice been refused sanctuary in the UK and claims t be a Taliban target

Abdul, 34, a father of five who worked for three years with UK forces, said: ‘If they find us, they will kill us. Insurgents are looking for revenge across the country. We need to be rescued before it is too late.’ Habib, 39, a father of two who worked with the SAS, said Taliban gunmen have already fired into his house. ‘Everyone in my village knows I worked for the British and I am just waiting for the next time the Taliban comes,’ he said.

‘I want those in London making the decisions to recognise this and show compassion to those who risked their lives for their soldiers.’ Their cases have been highlighted by the Daily Mail’s award-winning Betrayal of the Brave campaign which two days ago helped 21 Afghan translators at the British Embassy in Kabul win relocation to the UK after originally being rejected. The U-turn came after the Mail revealed how Farid, their senior interpreter, was shot in an ambush only to be denied sanctuary three weeks later.

Last night it emerged that at least two other ex-embassy translators were also denied sanctuary. They plan to reapply.

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