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Reveller knocked unconscious outside Rapture nightclub days after drink spiking scandal

A man was knocked unconscious outside Perth's Rapture nightclub on Saturday night, with the owner saying the incident had nothing to do with his venue.

The man, who was aged in his twenties, was taken to Royal Perth Hospital suffering head injuries after allegedly being assaulted across the road from the club.

Footage of the man being treated by ambulance officials was posted on social media, with many claiming he was the victim of another drink spiking incident at the venue.

He was discharged from hospital on Sunday morning, with Rapture nightclub owner Neil Scott telling 9News the incident was isolated from his business.

A man (pictured) was knocked unconscious in an incident across the road from Perth's Rapture nightclub

Shantel Smith (pictured) said she visited Rapture and believes someone slipped something into her drink 

'It's got nothing to do with us,' Mr Scott said. 'It's just one of those things, but you can infer whatever you like.'

Mr Scott has come under fire in the past week after a young woman claimed she had her drink spiked in the club.

Shantel Smith contacted Rapture when she became ill after attending the club, claiming someone had slipped something into her drink.

Mr Scott's response to her claim was scathing, saying 'are you worth someone trying to spike your drink?'

Neil Temple Scott (pictured) ridiculed a young patron who complained to Rapture Nightclub in Perth that her drink was spiked

Rapture Nightclub, (pictured) where Miss Smith claims she had her drink spiked

The 66-year-old told 7News on Saturday that the drink spiking incident had been good publicity for his nightclub.

'There was people walking past last night saying spike my drink, you know we want our drink spiked, I’m thinking God I need T-shirts with spike my drink on them right now, that’d be fantastic — 'Get my drink spiked at Rapture,'' Mr Scott said.

Police have yet to confirm whether Miss Smith's drink was tampered with, with Mr Scott claiming his words have been taken out of context from the beginning.

CCTV footage showed Miss Smith dancing with friends outside the nightclub for eight minutes after leaving the venue, not showing symptoms of being under the influence of drugs. 

The incident has been referred to the West Australian Director of Liquor Licensing. 

Rapture Nightclub's response to Miss Smith's drink spiking claim (pictured)

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