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Revealed! How long it takes to burn off the UK's favourite takeaways

New research has revealed how long it takes to burn off some of the UK's favourite takeaways - and the results may just shock you, 

The government is planning to slim down the UK by including calorie labels on restaurant meals, in an attempt to make us more aware of the foods we are ingesting. 

Interested in what this could look like, My Vital Metrics analysed 15 of Deliveroo’s most delivered takeaway dishes in the past year to discover which are the most calorific - before exploring just how long it would take to burn off the calories in our everyday life by walking, jogging, cycling, cleaning, dancing and gardening.

The research revealed that TGI Fridays Whiskey-Glazed Sesame Chicken Strips contains 1840 calories and would take 371 minutes of walking and 313 minutes of dancing to burn the calories.

My Vital Metrics revealed it would take 371 minutes to burn off TGI Fridays Whiskey-Glazed Sesame Chicken Strips - which contains 1840 calories (pictured)

Meanwhile, the second most calorific favourite was Crust’s Diavola Pizza, which contains 1260 calories, and Wagamama’s Katsu Curry placed third and would require 104 minutes of cycling to shift the meal. 

The methodology involved analysing Deliveroo’s most ordered takeaways before surveying 2,628 Brits, asking them to choose their favourites from the list, to determine the UK’s top 15. 

Once the top 15 had been decided, MyFitnessPal’s calculator was used to discover how many calories it takes to burn off each meal. 

NHS stats were then used to discover the average weight for males and females in the UK in order to work out the number of calories burned per activity.  

The calories per meal were found using each brands’ nutritional information, with the exception of Crust and Mission Burrito whose nutritional information is not listed officially – they were found using MyFitnessPal and Fitbit’s analysis instead.

Whiskey-glazed Sesame Chicken Strips
1840371 157 177 564 313 353 
Diavola Pizza 
1260 255 108 121 387 215 242 
Chicken Katsu Curry
1076 218 92 104 330 184 206 
Grilled Chicken Burrito  
1049.5 212 90 101 322 179 202 
980 198 84 94 300 167 188 
Mad Dog Pizza
960 194 82 92 295 164 184 
Cheddar Cheese & Bacon Cheddar
905 183 78 87 278 155 174 
Half Chicken
864 175 74 83 166 148 165 
Chicken Burrito
810 164 70 78 248139156
Cod and Chips
786 159 67 76241 134 155 

1. TGI Fridays: Friday Whiskey-Glazed Sesame Chicken Strips (1840 calories)

Although it’s tasty, it takes a lot of work to burn off the calories. For example, you’d need to walk for 371 minutes to remove any trace of the meal.

Alternatively, 157 minutes of jogging, 564 minutes of cleaning or 177 minutes of cycling could also be done to burn the calories.  

2. Crust: Diavola Pizza (1260 calories) 

The second most calorific takeaway loved by Brits is Crust’s ‘Diavola Pizza’ - which contains 1260 calories per pizza.

These calories could be burned off through a huge 242 minutes of gardening, 313 minutes of dancing or 157 minutes of jogging. 

3. Wagamama: Chicken Katsu Curry (1076 calories) 

Wagamama’s ‘Chicken Katsu Curry’ (pictured) ranks as the third most calorific takeaway - coming in at 1076 calories

Of Brits’ favourite meals, Wagamama’s ‘Chicken Katsu Curry’ ranks as the third most calorific takeaway. 

The meal has a huge 1076 calories which accounts for a large chunk of the government’s suggested daily calorie limit; 1,600-2,400 for women and 2,000-3,000 for men. 

To burn off the curry, Brits would need to walk for 218 minutes, clean the house for 330 minutes or even cycle for 104 minutes. 

4. Tortilla: Grilled Chicken Burrito (1049 calories) 

Tortilla's grilled chicken burrito (pictured) has a total of 1049 calories and to burn them off you would need to jog for 90 minutes

Coming in as the fourth most calorific meal loved by the UK is Tortilla’s ‘Grilled Chicken Burrito’. 

The burrito has a total of 1049 calories and to burn them off you would need to jog for 90 minutes, dance for 179 minutes or even do some gardening for 202 minutes. 

5. Five Guys: Cheeseburger (980 calories) 

Pictured, a bacon cheeseburger, French fries, and peanuts from Five Guys Burgers and Fries, an American fast casual restaurant chain

Five Guys’ ‘Cheeseburger’ ranks as the fifth most calorific favourite, with a total of 980 calories per serving.

To burn the calories, Brits could walk for 198 minutes, cycle for 94 minutes or do some household chores for 300 minutes. 

Although this is fifth on the list, it takes a lot of work to shed the takeaway calories.

Other mentions include: 

6. Mod Pizza: Mad Dog Pizza (960 calories) - 184 mins gardening

Mad Dog Pizza contains 960 calories and would take around 184 minutes of gardening to burn off

7. GBK: Cheddar Cheese & Bacon Burger (905 calories) - 78 minutes jogging

The GBK: Cheddar Cheese & Bacon Burger, which contains 905 calories, requires approximately 78 minutes of jogging

8. Roosters Piri Piri: Half Chicken (864 calories) - 175 minutes of walking

9. Mission Burrito: Chicken Burrito (810 calories) - 70 minutes of jogging

10. Harbourside Fish and Chips: Cod and Chips (786 calories) - 241 minutes of cleaning

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