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Religious school told boys to RATE girls on 'looks and virginity' in bizarre lesson

Boys at a religious school have been told to allocate points for the qualities they look for in a girl during a classroom activity students mockingly described as 'build a b***h'.

The year 10 students at St Luke's Grammar School on Sydney's northern beaches were asked to allocate 25 points by choosing categories including popularity, loyalty and attractiveness to build their ideal woman.

While those categories were worth six points each, traits such as generosity and 'cares for the world' were only worth one.

Some of the male students who took part in the lesson called the ranking activity 'build a b***h', The Sydney Morning Herald reported.  

Year 10 students at a prestigious religious school on Sydney's northern beaches were asked to allocate points for the qualities they look for in a girl during a classroom lesson


Six points: Popular, loyalty, good looking, strong Christian, trustworthy

Five points: Sense of humour, wisdom, physical fitness

Four points: Sporting prowess/sexiness, honesty, friendliness

Three points: 'Good pedigree', ambitiousness, work ethic, kissing ability

Two points: Height, academic accomplishment, social confidence 

One point: Sincerity, sense of adventure, 'cares for the world', generosity 

Students in the class could also spend five points to make their ideal woman 'physically fit', and four points to make them 'sporty/sexy'.

Two points were allocated for their match being strong socially or the right height. 

'All the girls were disgusted and really offended,' one student said.

The female Year 10 students meanwhile received a separate lesson in which they were told to protect their virginity until marriage and warned about the role of Satan in encouraging casual sex.

The school's headmaster has since apologised and said the teacher who led the activity was 'saddened' it had caused offence.

'This term the students have been looking at the complex issues of consent and toxic masculinity and contrasting the negative images portrayed in society with god’s plan for strong, healthy relationships where people respect each other as equals,' St Lukes headmaster Geoff Lancaster said.

Categories the male students could choose from during the class at St Luke's Grammar School to build their ideal woman included popularity, loyalty and attractiveness

In a public statement, he admitted the activity was a 'good example of how the very best intentions can go terribly wrong'.

He said a teacher had been voluntarily stood down while the lesson was investigated.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted St Lukes for further comment. 

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