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Real Housewives star Meghan King announces she's dating Joe Biden's nephew Cuffe Biden Owens

Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King has revealed she has a new boyfriend - the nephew of President Joe Biden, Cuffe Biden Owens.

King, 37, publicly announced she was dating the 'first nephew' in an Instagram post on Saturday.

'Trying my best to avoid any cheesy introductions like 'my main squeeze'… so just meet my man,' the caption read under a picture of King hugging Owens. 

Her new beau, who is 42, works as a Los Angeles-based attorney and is the son of Biden's sister Valerie Owens.

Meghan King, 37, posted a picture of her new boyfriend Cuffe Biden Owens, the nephew of Joe Biden, on Saturday 

Owens is the son of Biden's sister Valerie Owens, pictured next to President Biden in black and white dress in 2013 

The couple was also seen together on King's Instagram story with her and Owens at a wine tasting.

She went on to post a story on Monday for her birthday with flowers that Owens had given her. 

Despite King's social media presence, Owens seems to not have any current accounts and also has been known to stay out of the political spotlight.

The reality star has had several other high-profile relationships in the past as well. 

King was first married to lawyer Brad McDill in July 2007 but formally separated in October 2011 because of irreconcilable differences.

 She was then married again to MLB player Jim Edmonds in October 2014 and had three children together including four-and-a-half year old Aspen and three-year-old twins Hart and Hayes.

King's most highly publicized relationship was with MLB player Jim Edmonds who she divorced from in 2021 after he admitted he was unfaithful to her 

King had three children with her ex-husband Edmonds including four-and-a-half-year-old Aspen and three-year-old twins Hart and Hayes

The couple, however, separated five years later after King accused Edmonds of sexting other women, and cheating on her with their nanny.  

He denied that infidelity claim. 'It feels good to put that behind me and just look to the future,' she told Us Weekly after the divorce. 

'I want to spend my life with a partner. I’m a loyal, monogamous individual. I’ve been having a lot of fun dating, but I’m really hoping to settle down and find that partner.'

King began dating businessman and Life Uncharted host Christian Schauf in May before they broke up six months later but claimed they both split on good terms. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County star has had plenty of other highly publicized relationships in the past as well

'This is life, these things happen,' King told People Magazine.  

'So I put on our big girl panties, take a deep breath, take a little time to mourn, take a lot of a time to reflect, and take forever to smile back on a beautiful experience of growth. 

'And tomorrow the sun will rise again. So must all good things end? Nah, girl, I'm just getting started.'

Her most recent relationship was with real estate broker Will Roos who she began dating in January of this year.

 It is unclear how long Roos and King lasted before she began dating Owens.  

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