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Ray Hadley DEFENDS police officer who kicked Aboriginal teen to the ground

Pictured: Ray Hadley on air in 2018

Radio host Ray Hadley has defended the white police officer who was filmed sweeping an Aboriginal teen from his feet during an arrest in Sydney.  

The 2GB star, whose son was a senior constable before resigning in September, on Wednesday said the cop involved had his 'full support'. 

His statement came moments before NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller apologised for the policeman's actions. 

 Daily Mail Australia first published footage showing the teenager telling an officer he would 'crack you in the f**king jaw, bro' at Eddie Ward Park, Surry Hills in Sydney, about 5pm on Monday.

In response, the officer handcuffs him and kicks his legs out, with the 17-year-old smashing face-first into the footpath.  

A spokesman for New South Wales Police later confirmed the officer had been suspended from frontline duties pending an investigation by the Professional Standards Command.

Hadley said the officer should not lose his job over the incident.  

'In this particular case, the copper has my full support,' he said on air.

'Police don't get any respect. 'It's not about indigenous people, or white people, or people from any other ethnic background, it's about a lack of respect for the authority of police.'

Following his arrest, the family claim he was taken to holding cells before being transferred to St Vincent's Hospital via ambulance, where he spent the night waiting for results from x-rays to his shoulder, knee and elbow.

His statement came after NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller admitted there were 'other ways' the officer could have dealt with the matter, other than the leg sweep. 

He said the officer in question had worked in the force for three-and-a-half years and had no record of complaints, and likely regretted the way he arrested the teen. 

'This is a case of two things - is it reasonable for someone to swear and threaten a police officer? And then, is the force the officer used reasonable?' Mr Fuller told 2GB Radio.

'I don't know what happened before in terms of the lead-up but there was probably other ways the officer could have dealt with that matter, no doubt.

'I totally accept that officers need to show restraint.' 

Mr Fuller said officers are trained to use leg sweeps as a method to detain somebody, but said the video was still concerning.

A 16-year-old boy suffered a chipped tooth and bruising all over his body after he was thrown to the ground by a police officer

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller (pictured) on Wednesday admitted there were 'other ways' the officer could have dealt with the matter, other than the leg sweep

Footage shows the officer, who was patrolling in Surry Hills in Sydney at the time, swipe the feet from underneath the man during the arrest (left). While on the floor, the young man appeared to struggle to manoeuvre his arms behind his back and was wailing (right)

Regardless, he doubted the community would want the junior constable to lose his job. 

'I'm sure most of the community wouldn't want to see someone who's made a mistake sacked after making such a commitment to the community.'

Hadley said Mr Fuller made a mistake in apologising for the matter.

'If the Police Commissioner in NSW has to apologise, well Mick you need to have a rethink, the PC brigade have got a hold of you,' he said.

Ali Mongta-Finn, the 17-year-old's sister, told Triple J Hack her brother shouldn't have been mistreated for being 'lippy'. 

She said her brother was distraught afterwards and his teeth were chipped during the ordeal.

'When he came back home later that night, he was shaken up,' she said on Triple J Hack.

'He was very sore this morning and he was distraught.

'Teenagers, they're lippy, but you don't just abuse children because they're lippy.' 

'He has a bruised shoulder, cuts and grazing to his knee, face and elbow and chipped teeth,' a relative said

Indigenous Today host Brooke Boney compares Aboriginal teen's arrest with George Floyd's death 

Brooke Boney has compared George Floyd's death to the treatment of an Aboriginal teenager who was thrown to the ground as he was arrested.

The indigenous Today Show host said the 'comparisons are obvious' between the incidents, before revealing her own experience with officers singling out her family. 

'Just look at that video and look at the George Floyd video and tell me how they're different,' Boney said live on air on Wednesday morning.

'If that kid hits his head and dies, we're talking about the same thing... he could have died like George Floyd.'

Mr Floyd was arrested by white Minneapolis cops last Monday accused of using a forged bank note. 

Video circulated of one of the officers, Derek Chauvin, kneeling on Mr Floyd's neck for eight minutes - even after he lost consciousness. Mr Floyd was later declared dead, and Chauvin charged with his murder.

Boney said the comparisons between the two arrests were obvious. 

'He wasn't resisting arrest,' she said of the teen. 'He swore at the police officer. We don't condone what he said but he is not violent and he could die.

'It's the same thing. It's not necessary. That's just an example. That's one example that's in the last two days of what we see.'

The 33-year-old said just a few years ago, she was with her family at a game of football when police 'frog marched' her 72-year-old grandfather from the grounds.

'Every single one of us thought he was going to die, either of a heart attack or that they would do something to him,' she confessed.

'They said he was being drunk and disorderly. My grandfather doesn't drink. Tell me if that would happen to your grandfathers.

'It wouldn't,' she said. 

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