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Queensland family find a massive snake lurking in the bottom of their outdoor swimming pool

A horrified family have discovered a massive snake lurking at the bottom of their outdoor swimming pool.

Bryce Lockett, from Snake Catchers Brisbane and Gold Coast, was called to a Daisy Hill home on Tuesday after the residents reported a reptile slinking around their backyard. 

When he arrived, the snake catcher found a two metre long Coastal Carpet python taking respite from the heat beneath a slide.

But in a desperate bid to escape, the serpent slithered away and into the depths of the family's chlorinated pool.

A Logan family have been left horrified after a Coastal Carpet python slithered into their pool

'They can only hold their breath for a certain amount of time, so I waited for him to come up and take a breath and then I took him away,' Mr Lockett told Daily Mail Australia.

'He was quite relaxed, he wasn't too phased at all.

'But the family haven't had a snake on their property before so they were pretty keen to see the back end of him.'

The snake removal business shared a photo of the huge scaly creature basking in the water over their Facebook page, where it has since racked up more than 700 reactions. 

Many were terrified by the sight of snake entering an unsuspecting spot. 

'I never thought I would see a python in the water,' one person commented.

'This is my worst nightmare!' another added. 

'We are getting a pool cover' a third declared. 

Coastal carpet pythons, found in northern New South Wales and eastern Queensland, can reach up to four metres and live more than 25 years (stock)

Others said they have had similar encounters. 

'We had the same happen at old house. Snake dropped out of a palm tree into pool with kids swimming and another time one slithered off of path into pool among kids swimming,' one person said.

'That has actually happened in my pool!' another added. 

Mr Lockett said the python was averaged sized, meaning it was around five to seven years old.  He was relocated to a nearby wildlife corridor.

Coastal carpet pythons, found in northern New South Wales and eastern Queensland, can reach up to four metres and live more than 25 years.  

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