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Quaden Bayles mum reveals how her son's birth sent her into deep depression

The mother of Quaden Bayles - the Australian boy who created headlines when he threatened to kill himself after being teased over his dwarfism - said her son's condition was a devastating blow that destroyed her relationship with the boy's dad.

The emotional torment of nine-year-old Quaden was captured in a video filmed by his mother Yarraka in February as he broke down crying after being bullied at school.

Yarraka has revealed that incident was the culmnation of many hardships the family had faced since Quaden was diagnosed with achondroplasia when he was just three days old. 

Achondroplasia is the most common type of dwarfism and is caused by a genetic mutation.

'I was telling myself that the doctors had gotten his diagnosis wrong. And I just  couldn't accept it. He looked perfect to me and he still does,' Yarraka told the ABC.

'It was really daunting. It sent me into a very deep depression, probably for about the first two years.'

Quaden Bayles made international headlines in February when his mother Yarraka (both pictured) filmed him saying he wanted to die after kids picked on him at school

Nine-year-old Quaden was diagnosed with achondroplasia when he was just three days old 

Her struggles created a rift with her partner, Quaden senior, which saw them separate shortly before Quaden's third birthday. 

The pair had been together for more than 10 years before Quaden was born. 

Those 10 years were far from easy, with Yarraka falling pregnant with twins, Guyala and Yilan, when she was just 17. 

But the couple made it through. 

When Quaden finally arrived the couple was in a far better situation financially and emotionally, and for the first three days everything was perfect. 

But then came the crushing news that their little boy's arms and legs would never grow to adult length. 

'Everything came crashing down,' Yarraka said.

'I felt robbed because I couldn't enjoy just celebrating the birth of my beautiful baby.'

Ms Bayles shared the video of her son saying he wanted to die on Facebook in a bid to raise awareness about the impact of bullying

During his short life, Yarraka has had to be by Quaden's side as he received treatment for physical problems associated with dwarfism.

He's required surgery for a compressed spine ,and he also requires a special machine to help him sleep otherwise he goes into respiratory failure.

Last month, Quaden underwent his 11th operation in just nine years.  

He was admitted to Queensland Children's Hospital to remove eight of his teeth because his mouth was overcrowded. 

'Quaden just went under anaesthetic, needing 8 more teeth out, 7 years after he had 7 teeth out due to overcrowding as you can see from his most recent X-ray,' she wrote.

'We all know he's got a big mouth but just not big enough for all these teeth trying to come through bless him.'  

Top row shows Quaden at just three years old when he underwent surgery for the first time to remove seven teeth. Bottom row was Quaden in September

Ms Bayles later shared an adorable photo of Quaden with his feet up and looking relaxed as he recovers from surgery.  

'Recovering like a champ and ready to go home today YAY!' the post was captioned.  

Quaden's story went viral in February after his mother filmed him crying and saying he wanted to end his life after being severely bullied by his classmates.

The brave boy received messages of support from celebrities and citizens from all over the world.

Ms Bayles and Quaden before a mouth surgery in September. At the Royal Commission on Monday, Ms Bayles said she is glad she posted the video because her son is finally getting the support he needs 

In the heartbreaking footage, Quaden is seen sobbing into the camera and saying he is suicidal from being relentlessly bullied. 

He told his mother: 'Give me a rope, I want to kill myself.' 

'I just want to stab myself in the heart... I want someone to kill me.' 

Quaden also scratched at his neck and said: 'I want to die... I want to scratch myself'.

Ms Bayles shared the video publicly on Facebook in a bid to raise awareness about the impact of bullying. 

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