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Proud 'catfishes' show off transformations from ultra-glam to bare faced  

Women from around the world have been showing off their proudest 'catfish' moments for a viral Tiktok challenge.

The online Catfish Challenge began when  22-year-old Australian TikTok user @moldogaa shared a Snapchat selfie with her 87,000 followers.

In the clip, she said: 'Just took this photo on Snapchat... I do NOT look like that! Catfish - MEOW!'

The video quickly went viral, with others using the audio to highlight their own incredible transformations from glamorous to their every day relaxed look.  

Women from around the world have been showing off their proudest 'catfish' moments for a viral Tiktok challenge (pictured left, ultra-glamorous and right, her everyday appearance)

Popular YouTube star and Instagram Influencer Alissa Violet, from the US, also shared her proudest catfish moment for the challenge 

Many TikTok users shared their most glamorous selfies for the challenge, showcasing their very best makeup skills and stunning outfits before revealing a bare faced snap 

Over 122,000 people have since used the audio from the clip for their own takes on the hilarious challenge.  

Many of the women shared photographs of them at their most glamorous, with lashings of mascara and beautifully contoured cheeks.

Meanwhile several appeared almost unrecognisable when they showcased their no make up faces, and were left giggling over their own transformations. 

Posting her transformation video, Tiktok star Whitney Kait asked her 1.7 million followers: 'Can someone give me the title of Catfish Queen of 2020 already?'

Another American user @mzznofilter shared her remarkable transformation video for the challenge, captioning her post 'the truth is out haha'

Meanwhile @Emacigerova, whose location is unknown, admitted she felt her catfish moment was worse than she initially thought 

One blonde, whose location is unknown, posted a stunning selfie while she posed outside in the sunshine (left) before revealing her more usual look (right)

What is a catfish? 

Catfishing is when a person pretends to be someone else on social media.

They typically use false information or pictures belonging to someone else in the creation of an online persona.

The fake profile is used for dishonest purposes, usually to defraud or scam another person.

Needless to say, the clip baffled Whitney's male followers, with one commenting: 'I'm scared now.

Meanwhile another called it 'black magic', adding: 'How do you do it?' 

Another American user @mzznofilter shared her remarkable transformation video for the challenge, captioning her post 'the truth is out haha'. 

Youtuber and Influencer Alyssa Violet also baffled 3.7 million fans with her transformation, captioning her video 'exposed'. 

Many of her followers were equally impressed by her no make up look, with one writing: 'She still looking fine to me.'

Another commented: 'Damn! Even prettier without makeup.'

The challenge comes hot on the heels of a different TikTok challenge, which saw  parents and older siblings picking up their babies and toddlers and literally throwing them off-camera.

The challenge has social media users dancing and lip-syncing to the song Baby by Blueface, in which the artist raps: 'No baby, we can't have the baby. If you don't take this Plan B, b****, it's plan C.'

And at that charming lyric, mothers and fathers are playfully tossing their children away, with viewers left to hope they've made a soft landing on a mattress nearby.

Content creator @HouseofSiena1 baffled her social media followers with her remarkable catfish moment 

One pink-haired beauty also took part in the challenge, sharing a snap of her stunning makeup before revealing her bare face to the camera  

One British user who took part in the challenge shared a no casual day-to-day beauty look (left) before unveiling their true self without any makeup  (right)

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