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Protesters waving flares at Melbourne Covid anti-lockdown rally hunted by cops

Three protesters who dangerously waved lit flares around a crowd at Melbourne's anti-lockdown rally are being hunted by police. 

About 5,000 attended the protest outside the Victorian Parliament on Saturday, which was brought to a violent end as police used pepper spray to clear the crowd.

Fines have been issued to at least 73 people and investigators are scouring through hundreds of hours of footage from social media, CCTV, and police body cams.

Two men and a woman (pictured above) have been pictured holding flares at the Melbourne anti-lockdown rally, just outside Victoria's Parliament house and Police believe they can assist with enquiries

Victorian's were under a stay-at-home order when the protest took place while battling the Delta variant which found its way into Victoria from Sydney.

There were several flares set off at Saturday's rally, which police said 'endangered not only police but people in the vicinity of the incidents'.

Police on Thursday released photos of three people, two men and a woman, seen holding flares at the protest and urged them to surrender to police.

Anyone who recognises any of the protesters in the photos or with information is asked to contact police. 

In the days since, fines have been issued to at least 73 people and police have been scouring through hundreds of hours of footage from social media, CCTV and body-worn cameras

Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius said the protest was illegal and should never have taken place, vowing to find hundreds more participants and fine them.

'Investigators have been going through body-worn camera footage, CCTV footage, we have many more hundreds of hours of that footage to review, and we have already identified known organisers or participants in the protest,' he said.

'Those people can certainly expect the full weight of the law being brought against them.

'I would say to every Victorian who is outraged by this, if you know who these people are, call Crime Stoppers and let us know who they are and we will take action.' 

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