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Prince Charles has been in 'regular contact with Prince Harry' despite book revelations

Despite Prince Charles being hurt by revelations in the upcoming biography, Finding Freedom, the Prince of Wales has not forgotten his fatherly duties and remains in regular contact with Prince Harry.

The biography offers hurtful insights into Harry and Meghan's relationships with his brother and sister-in-law, his father and the Royal Family as a whole.

When the revelations first emerged it was suggested that there would be no way back for Prince Harry as he had burned his bridges with his family.

However, the Prince of Wales, who was said to have been hurt by some of the claims in the book, has been in regular contact with Prince Harry in the hope that the door can be kept open for a return, the Sun reports.

A royal insider claims that despite being hurt by revelations in the upcoming biography Finding Freedom, Prince Charles remains in regular contact with Prince Harry

A royal insider told the paper: 'Since his move to Los Angeles they have been in regular contact. Charles is not an avid user of texts but there are video and phone calls.

'The book has never been a massive talking point between them and Charles is determined that it is not an obstacle.'

The insider also said that Prince Charles has provided Harry with financial support to help his relocation to California and that their father-son relationship remains strong.

Charles stepped in to walk Meghan down the aisle in 2018 and is now using funds from his Duchy of Cornwall to part-fund the Sussexes' new American lifestyle.

Another royal insider told the Sun that Harry used his father as a sounding board when deciding whether to move away from royal duties.

The insider also said that Prince Charles has provided the Sussexes with financial support to help with their relocation to California and that his and Harry's father-son relationship remains strong

The insider said: 'Charles knows what it is like to be conflicted within the royal household. Harry has always been his own man and will do what he thinks is right.'

This news comes only days after the High Court ruled that the identities of five friends who form a key part of Meghan Markle's case for invasion of privacy after parts of a letter she wrote to her estranged father were published will not be made public for now.

Mr Justice Warby upheld an application by Meghan's lawyers that their identities should remain secret.

The five individuals were named as the sources of a People magazine article in 2019 in legal papers submitted by Meghan to the court earlier this month, although their identities were not made public.

Mr Justice Warby added that the decision to keep the identity of the friends anonymous was an interim one. If any of them are called as witnesses to the trial, which is expected to take place next year, their identities could still be revealed, subject to a court decision. 

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