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President receives high approval rating - but one-third oppose reentering the Paris Accord and WHO

Most Americans approve of Joe Biden's handling of the coronavirus pandemic in his first four days as president, but one-third of voters are against his decision to reenter the World Health Organization.

Biden's honeymoon phase has earned him 69 per cent approval in his COVID-19 response and 57 per cent confidence in his ability to unify the country, according to a poll released Sunday from ABC News/Ipsos.

The same poll, however, indicates Biden does have a weak spot – unsurprisingly, among Republicans.

A vast majority of those on the right disapprove of Biden's decision to, on the first day of his administration, reverse Trump withdrawing the U.S. from the World Health Organization and Paris Climate Accord.

Many Republicans view these organizations as financially unfair to America.

The survey shows that 61 per cent of Republicans are against returning to the WHO and 72 per cent are opposed to signing onto the Paris Agreement again.

A new survey shows Joe Biden is an a honeymoon phase with nearly seven in 10 approving of his early handling of the coronavirus pandemic

The survey, however, also reveals one-third of Americans do not approve of Biden's two executive orders reentering the World Health Organization and Paris Climate Accord – which Trump withdrew from during his administration

Overall, around one-third of Americans oppose Biden's decision to rejoin both organizations and agreements.

On Biden's first day, he signed 17 executive orders and actions, including to reverse Trump dumping WHO and the Paris Climate Accord. Several of his other orders involved immigrations and economic issues and coronavirus response.

On Thursday, he signed 10 more executive orders – all related to his administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Even among Republicans, Biden received high marks in the poll, which was taken January 22 and 23 among 504 adults. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 5.0 per cent.

Of Republican respondents, 40 per cent approve of Biden's leadership in his early days in office regarding the COVID-19 crisis.

An overwhelming 97 oer cent of Democrats – and 70 per cent of independents – back Biden's management of coronavirus.

The highest approval Trump received for his handling of the virus was in mid-March last year - nearly toward the beginning of the pandemic.

At this time 55 oper cent of Americans approved of his response, including only 30 per cent of Democrats.

Biden's transition also earned vastly higher marks than Donald Trump received four years ago when he entered office – as a ABC News/Washington Post poll released last week showed 67 per cent approve of the transition.

This figure is nearly 30 points higher than Trump received just before his inauguration.

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