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Poor harvest! Mysterious 200ft Covid crop circle appears in Wiltshire farmer's barley field 

A 200ft-wide crop circle shaped like a Covid virus has mysteriously appeared in a farmer's field this week. 

The unusual crop formation was discovered on Friday in the Wiltshire countryside - the county said to be the epicentre of crop circle tourism - as the start of the new crop circle season begins. 

Pictures of the detailed design, found in an agricultural barley field and said to measure approximately 200ft by 130ft, were shared on social media.   

The 200ft-wide crop circle shaped like a coronavirus was discovered in a farmer's barley field in Wiltshire on Friday 

The unusual design appeared at the beginning of the crop cirlce season and is located in Wiltshire, said to be the epicentre of crop circle tourism

In response to the eye-catching drone snapshots, Heather Barsby said: 'Those aliens are risking it a bit coming here during a pandemic.

'And surely they should go into two weeks of quarantine as well before playing in the crops.'

Richard Marshall added: 'I hope they didn't travel more than five miles. At least we can be fairly confident there weren't more than six of them from no more than two households.' 

The exact location of the field has not been revealed to avoid visitors walking there and it is not known how it was made.  

Pictures of the eye-catching design were shared on social media but the exact location has not been shared in a bid to stop people visiting the field 

The sudden appearance of crop circles and their intricate designs has lead to several theories about how they are formed. 

Sightings of crop circles date back hundreds of years in Europe, with some people believing they are the result of UFOs or spaceships landing in fields and flattening the crop.  

In the opposing camp, people firmly believe the large designs are man-made, often causing tensions between the two groups. 

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