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Policemen douse an elderly woman with pepper spray during Melbourne's anti-lockdown protests

An elderly woman was shoved to the ground and doused with pepper spray by two policemen and the Melbourne anti-lockdown riot.

The woman was bowled over by the two cops before they fired pepper spray directly on to her face as she lay defenceless on the road grabbing her eyes.

Disturbing photos and video of the scene divided the public who were outraged at heavy-handed police tactics or felt her being there meant she deserved it.

Hundreds of anti-lockdown demonstrators took to the streets in Melbourne on Saturday, sparking violent confrontations with police that resulted in 235 arrests and 10 officers injured.

A woman, reported to be in her 70s was knocked to the ground during the violent clashes between protesters and police in Melbourne

Demonstrators angered most Victorians by breaking the city's sixth lockdown, and Victorian Police commander Mark Galliott said the protest was just 'angry, aggressive young males there to fight the police'.

But there was also anger towards police accused of using excessive force. 

The footage shows the woman wearing a wig with an Australian flag draped around her knocked to the ground by officers.

The woman, reportedly in her 70s, lay injured on the ground and shielded her face while being doused with pepper spray by two officers standing over her.

She is seen wincing and writhing in pain as officers eventually help her to her feet.

While viewers agreed the actions of some protestors in Saturday weren't necessary, they believe police used excessive force.

'This country is turning to s**t very quickly…and it's not because of the virus,' host of The Primodcast posted.

'It's because of incompetent state governments and big pharmaceutical companies taking advantage of the situation to make a s*** tonne of money.'

The woman shields her face while being doused with pepper spray by police

The woman was bowled over by the two cops before they fired pepper spray directly on to her face as she lay defenceless on the road grabbing her eyes 

Others called for the officers involved to be charged. 

'Sue every bloody one of these little animals who call themselves police. How would they like it, if it was their grandmother, mum, aunty, sister, niece or cousin,' one wrote.

But not everyone was on the protesters' side.

'If you feel danger, then stay home simple as that. Our freedom of choice is too important to let anyone talk us out of it,' one wrote.

You are putting your own freedom at risk by blindly doing what other people tell you to do.'

One woman added:  'You say she is not a danger, well actually she is a danger by just breathing on someone. Haven't you noticed that we are in a global pandemic. Selfish people.'

Others called for footage leading up to the incident to be shared.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Victoria Police for comment, 

The injured protester is seen writhing in pain as she's helped to her feet by police

The latest incident comes after footage emerged of a Melbourne protester surrendering to police before being tackled to ground and surrounded by up to a dozen officers on Saturday.

The 30 second clip begins with the man running away from dozens of police officers in hot pursuit as several shocked passers-by watch on.

He eventually surrenders by putting his hands in the air as two officers catch up to him in a laneway.

He's quickly surrounded by officers who tackle him to the ground and detain him. 

Police made 235 arrests on Saturday, most for breaching health directions while some were charged with assault, riotous behaviour and weapons and drug offences.

Those arrested will be fined $5,452 each, with 193 infringements handed out so far.

Police tackle the man to the ground and surround him following the wild chase in Richmond

Police officers suffered injuries including a broken elbow and broken nose, a broken finger and torn muscles. Six officers were taken to hospital.

'Police were subject to violent, hostile and aggressive behaviour,' a Victoria Police statement read.

'Numerous officers were assaulted while others had projectiles including glass bottles hurled in their direction. 

'It was extremely disappointing to see another example of a small minority of the community showing a complete disregard for the health and safety of not only police, but each and every other Victorian. 

Police investigations into Saturday's protests are continuing.

While many viewers called for the officers who doused the woman with pepper spray to be punished, others said demonstrators should have stayed at home

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