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Police will NOT check vaccine passports and instead leave it to NSW businesses to deny entry

Police will not walk through parks, shops, and pubs in NSW demanding proof of vaccination after lockdown ends, the state's top cop confirms.

Sydneysiders will flock to pubs, cafes and restaurants from October 11, the day the city's lockdown will finally end when NSW hits 70 per cent Covid vaccination. 

Patrons will need to show proof of their vaccination status to go inside, but it will primarily fall to businesses to kick the un-vaxxed out, not police.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has confirmed officers won't be walking through businesses ensuring patrons are fully vaccinated come Freedom Day

'We will not be walking through restaurants and cafes and pubs checking if people are double vaccinated,' Police Commissioner Mick Fuller told 2GB radio on Tuesday.

'We will certainly be assisting restaurant owners and shop owners if they are refusing entry to someone then we will certainly respond to assist those people.

'The role for police going forward in terms of vaccination won't be stopping people asking to see their vaccination passport.'

Commissioner Fuller urged everyone to 'keep calm' once restrictions are lifted as police anticipated some businesses will need help turning away patrons.

'We are anticipating there will be businesses calling us for assistance on the right to refuse someone entry to their premises,' he said. 

Residents will be required to either show a digital certificate on their phone or a printed out copy confirming they've had both jabs.

The certificate is generated through the MyGov website or the Express Plus Medicare app, and is also expected to be integrated into the existing Service NSW app.

As part of the vaccine passport, residents will be required to either show a digital certificate on their phone or a printed out copy confirming they've had both jabs (police speak to Sydney residents ahead of a planned protest earlier this month)

A pilot two-week trial of the passport on the NSW app is expected to be rolled out in the state's regions on October 6.

But without police enforcing the passports, there are fears small businesses or young employees may be in danger from irate patrons trying to break the rules.

NSW Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello said policing the passports shouldn't be left to junior workers or smaller businesses.

He warned jail time could be on the cards for those found showing fake or forged certificates.

'If people want to do the wrong thing, if they get found out, as I said, it could be jail time there,' he told the ABC.

'Businesses, particularly small businesses, should not be de facto police officers. If there is an escalation, please call authorities.'

The certificate is generated through the MyGov website or the Express Plus Medicare app, while it is also expected to be integrated into the existing Service NSW app

There is yet to be a public health order in place for the vaccination rule but it could work similar to other directives for businesses such as QR check ins where businesses are fined $55,000 for not complying. 

The vaccine passport may be redundant come December 1 with Premier Gladys Berejiklian announcing restrictions would be removed for the unvaccinated when the state hits 90 per cent doubled vaxxed. 

When asked about police checking vaccine passports at Tuesday's Covid press conference, Health Minister Brad Hazzard said he was 'quite confident' police would enforce the orders.

However, it was not clear if he was contradicting Commissioner Fuller, or if he just meant they would assist when called upon by businesses.

He added it was up to the business to decide if unvaccinated patrons could enter after December 1, when they are subject to the same restrictions as everyone else.

'Businesses will be able to make their own decision whether they want to have the risk of having people in their property when they're not vaccinated,' he said.  

Ms Berejiklian earlier defended her decision to allow freedoms for the unvaccinated when asked if opening up to all residents on December 1 was too early.

'Quite the contrary. We've been very conservative because many reports say that at 80 per cent double-dosed you should consider opening up to the unvaccinated and we've said no,' she told the Today show.

'We're likely to hit that 80 per cent figure in October. We're saying you won't be allowed to do anything then. You'll have to wait at least another month, four or five weeks in fact, before you can start integrating into society.'

However, the premier added life would still be somewhat restricted for those choosing not to get the jab. 

Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced restrictions would be eased for the unvaccinated once the state hits 90 per cent doubled vaxxed

'A lot of organisations already have mandatory vaccination programs in place,' she told Sunrise.

'Even though the government is saying unvaccinated people might have other rights from December 1, a lot of airlines have said they will not carry anybody who is not vaccinated. A lot of businesses have said they will not accept anyone was unvaccinated.

'Life for the unvaccinated will be very difficult indefinitely.'

She said she expected to be hit with criticism but reiterated she was taking a tougher stance than the recommended health advice.

'No matter what decision I announced yesterday, I would've been criticised,' Ms Berejiklian told ABC News Breakfast on Tuesday.

'The Doherty report recommended from 80 per cent that unvaccinated people participate in society. We said no, we're going harder and more conservative.

'I anticipate in a couple of weeks' time, we'll have at least 90 per cent of the adult population with a first dose. When you sign up for the first dose, you're going to sign up for the second one.' 

Pictured: People are seen at Steyne park, Double Bay in Sydney on Saturday

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