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Police officers fired shots that killed girl, 8, and wounded three others Philadelphia high school

The Delaware County District Attorney's Office say with 'near certainty' that it was police gunfire that killed an eight-year-old girl and injured four others following a football game last month.

Fanta Bility was struck in a chaotic scene outside of Academy Park High School - less than five miles outside of Philadelphia - on August 27. 

A group of men were having an argument when gunfire suddenly broke out between the men and police at the same time spectators were leaving the stadium at Academy Park High School.

Fanta Bility, 8, was killed on August 27 when police exchanged gunfire with a group of shooters outside of a high school football stadium in a suburban Philadelphia town

The scene of the shooting is cordoned off with crime scene tape 

One of the bullets struck Fanta while another hit her sister who was cheerleading during the game, was also shot.    

Investigators, now say with near certainty, say that four of the five gunshot victims, including Fanta Bility, were struck by shots fired by the police officers. 

Multiple .45 caliber and .9-millimeter shell casings were recovered, according to investigators. 

The Delaware County District Attorney's Office is conducting a review of the legality of the officers' discharge of weapons and they have been placed on administrative duties pending the outcome of the investigation.    

Bility was a rising third grader who was at the game to support her older sister, who was cheerleading, and her cousin, who was playing in the game

The child from Sharon Hill, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, died at a hospital after being shot in the chest on Friday as the game between Academy Park and Pennsbury high schools ended

At least one of the shots were fired in the direction of Sharon Hill police officers.

The officers returned fire as 200 people were fleeing during the chaotic scene. Four victims were hit in the cross fire, the district attorney said. 

Fanta attended the game with her family to support her sister and cousin, who was playing in the game.    

An online fundraiser set up by Bility's relatives has collected more than $15,000 

Mohamed Bility, Fanta's uncle, said he was devastated that children can't escape the threat of gun violence.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer has released the findings of the investigation into Fanta Bility's death saying that it was police bullets that killed her

He asked when the shootings were 'going to stop' and questioned when the authorities would 'get control of guns on the streets', saying children were never safe. 

He added: 'When they go to school, they are not safe. When they go to a program on a football field they are not safe, either.' 

Philadelphia - like most other major cities in the U.S. - have been plagued by crime and gun violence.  

There's already been 404 homicide victims in the city so far this year, which is 18 percent more than last year, according to the Philadelphia Police Department.  

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