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Police officer hailed as a hero after helping a pensioner, 98, cross a busy junction

A traffic police officer has been hailed as a hero in China after stopping cars at a busy junction during the rush hour to help an elderly man cross the road.

The frail pedestrian, aged 98, had been stuck in traffic after failing to walk the entire length of the crossing before the lights turned green.

Upon seeing the scene, officer Tan Jiapeng immediately used his body to shield the trapped pensioner from passing vehicles before ordering the following traffic to halt.

The traffic police officer, Tan Jiapeng, stands between the pensioner and cars to protect him

The officer gestures oncoming cars to stop so the senior citizen could cross the road in China

The policeman gestured the cars to wait while escorting the senior citizen across the road patiently in the province of Hubei in central China.

Body camera footage released by Xiling Traffic Police shows the caring police officer saying 'take it slow' and 'don't rush' to the elderly man while accompanying him to the pavement.

He arranged the pensioner to sit on the ledge of a flowerbed and even wiped the wet surface for him. He only left after ensuring that the pensioner was safe and steady.

'You will live past 100,' officer Tan sent his best wishes to the stranger before leaving him.

He escorts the elderly pedestrian to the other side of the road before arranging him to rest

The touching incident took place at 8am last Wednesday in the Xiling District of Yichang, according to Xiling Traffic Police.

The police said that officer Tan had initially wanted to carry the unidentified road user on his back to help him cross the junction.

He decided against the idea after noticing that the struggling passerby had weak health.

He then walked slowly in front of the pensioner while instructing the oncoming cars to halt.

Body camera footage from officer Tan shows cars waiting while the pensioner walks past

All drivers stopped and waited patiently, and some even asked if the pensioner needed help, the police said through its official social media account.

The video footage has moved many people after being posted to Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, by the police on November 25.

One fan praised: 'Kudos to the traffic officers of Yichang.'

Another person wrote: 'Hope good people stay safe and sound forever.'

A third viewer commented: '[His action] warmed the cold weather.'

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