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Police investigating double stabbing find evidence of another violent crime

Police searching the park where two sisters were stabbed to death after a lockdown birthday party found evidence of another violent crime, a court has heard.

Danyal Hussein, 19, is accused of murdering sisters Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, in Fryent Country Park in Wembley, London, in a demonic pact to win the jackpot.

He had written out a contract with 'demon' Lucifuge Rofocale to sacrifice six women every six months to win the Mega Millions Super Jackpot and signed it in his blood, the Old Bailey has heard. 

The two sisters had danced in the sunset at a party for Ms Henry's birthday which was being held in the park to meet lockdown restrictions on June 5 last year.

Their bodies were found in the undergrowth with their limbs intertwined after friends mounted a search for them in the park two days later.

Crime scene examiner Richard Mather told the court that he was initially called to the scene on the Sunday, June 7 - when the bodies were first examined - and on 13 separate occasions after that.  

Mr Mather said that during the searches a black rucksack containing Adidas tracksuit bottoms and a zip-up top were located beneath undergrowth and rotting vegetation.

He told jurors that the items tested positive for blood but swabs were not taken. 

The witness said there was also a 'large hunting-style knife' with a 9-inch blade.

Prosecutor Oliver Glasgow QC asked Mr Mather to explain why the serrated knife was rejected before the court was told that, as well as screening negative for blood, it appeared old.

The witness said that the black rucksack was on the opposite side of the park from the bodies and appeared to have been there for a long time.

The bodies of Bibaa Henry, 46, (left) and Nicole Smallman, 27, (right) were discovered on Sunday, June 7 in Fryent Country Park in Wembley, London

The details came at the trial of Danyal Hussein, 19, (pictured) who is accused of murdering the sisters in a demonic pact to win the lottery 

Mr Mather told the court that in order to avoid contaminating the crime scene, when he was initially called to the park, he and others attending were wearing full protective clothing at all times.

'We work to ensure we don't introducing anything into the scene from ourselves or transfer anything around the scene,' he said.

After being directed to an area police blood dogs had indicated, Mr Mather identified and swabbed what he believed to be a number of blood samples.

Over 13 separate occasions between June 13 and August 8, the examiner returned to the park in search of any blood stained items or possible weapons.

On June 22, Mr Mather found a black rucksack containing blood-stained tracksuit bottoms and a nine-inch hunting knife on the opposite side of the park to where the sisters were attacked.

But the rucksack and its contents not linked to the killing of the sisters because it was too far from the crime scene and had been there for some time.

'They were found to be very dirty, very muddy, found underneath the undergrowth and rotting leaf matter,' said Mr Mather.

'There were items which tested positive for blood as well.

After seeking advice from the operation forensic manager, Mr Mather said that local police forces were informed of the items in case they were linked to any other investigations.     

Hussein had written out a contract with 'demon' Lucifuge Rofocale to sacrifice six women every six months to win the Mega Millions Super Jackpot and signed it in his blood, the Old Bailey has heard 

The bodies of Ms Henry (left) and Ms Smallman (right) and were found intertwined and concealed in a hedgerow, the court was told

Hussein bought three lottery tickets from the ASDA Charlton Superstore on the evening of 29 June, National Lottery operator Camelot have confirmed to jurors.

He first bought a Lotto Draw ticket at 9.38pm - one minute later he bought Thunderball and Euromillions tickets.

Ms Henry, a social worker, had been stabbed eight times and Ms Smallman, who worked in the hospitality industry, had suffered 28 knife injuries, the court has heard.

CCTV shows Hussein leaving and entering the park and his blood and DNA were found at the scene, but he denies being there. 

Hussein, of southeast London, denies two counts of murder and possessing a knife.

The trial continues.  

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