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Police hunt thug who attacked NHS Test and Trace worker, 63, after he moved away from unmasked man

Police are searching for a vicious thug who is accused of putting an NHS Test and Trace worker in hospital after his victim moved away to try and maintain a social distance.

The 63-year-old victim was attacked on a bus in north London.

Scotland Yard said in a statement the victim boarded the route 149 bus just before Seven Sisters station, with his alleged attacker getting on board at the next stop at about 9:45pm on August 23.

The Metropolitain Police have released a CCTV image of a man wanted in connection with the attack

The police are appealing for anyone with information about the incident, which took place on the 149 bus route in north London, to come forward

Police believe the incident was sparked by the 63-year-old victim moving away from the unmasked man to maintain a social distance on the bus

About five minutes later he was allegedly punched repeatedly to the floor and had his head stamped on five times during the attack.

Pc Bowman from the Roads and Transport Policing Command said: 'Although there is no sound on the CCTV and all the victim remembers is waking up in hospital, we believe that this was all triggered by face masks. 

'We think that the attacker, who had his face covering beneath his chin, took offence when the victim, who was fully covered, consciously moved away from him.

'When the attacker then follows the victim to the back of the bus, he can be seen pointing and gesturing at the victim's face mask before he starts repeatedly punching and kicking him. 

His attacker took offence and followed the man to the back of the bus where he punched him repeatedly until he was forced to the floor 

The violent thug then kicked him in the head five times in the unprovoked attack

Pc Bowman from the Roads and Transport Policing Command called it a 'totally unwarranted violent assault'

'This was a totally unwarranted violent assault and we urgently need to speak to this man.'

The alleged attacker is described as a tall black man aged approximately 23-25 years with an athletic/muscular build. An image has been released by police of a man wanted in connection with the attack.

Anyone with information is asked to contact detectives on 07880 429 486 or on 101, quoting ref CAD 7981/23Aug.

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