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Police catch out 'unbelievable' dozy driver with mobile phone in one hand and cuppa in the other

Police have released a picture of an 'unbelievably' dozy driver caught with a mobile phone in one hand and a mug in the other while driving in Birmingham.

West Midlands Police trolled the driver on social media after he was caught on camera chatting on his phone while sipping from a green and white mug on Wednesday.

The driver then appeared to place his cuppa on the dashboard of his red Mitsubishi in full view of onlooking camera operators.

Writing on its Camera Enforcement Unit Twitter page, the force said: 'If our camera operators capture drivers committing other offences whilst on speed enforcement, they will be prosecuted.

Mug shot: The driver was caught on camera with a mobile phone to his ear while sipping from a mug as he drove along a Birmingham road

West Midlands Police trolled the unidentified driver on its Twitter page, branding the incident 'unbelievable'

'This driver had their mobile phone in one hand whilst drinking from a cup held in the other. Unbelievable.'

Social media users reacted with equal shock and horror, branding the unidentified motorist an 'idiot'.

Twitter user Pauline Jarrow said: 'Why should this idiot get to sip his tea on the way to work while the rest of us have to gulp it in one as we dash out the door??'

Stan Clough added: 'Surprised he didn’t have a fried breakfast on the passenger seat and a TV balanced on the dash. What a mug!'

The Northants Safer Roads Team also reacted to the picture in disbelief, comparing the driver's 'dangerous' actions with an incident in which they caught a motorist brushing their teeth.

They said: 'It really is unbelievable and dangerous what some drivers get up to behind the wheel instead of being in proper control of their vehicle, we've even caught somebody brushing their teeth.'