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Pip the dachshund finally returns to Sydney after being stranded in US for 136 days

A dachshund called Pipsqueak has finally been reunited with her family following a 136-day and 17,000km journey after being stranded in the US due to the pandemic.

The two-year-old dog had been sailing around the world with owners, Guy and Zoe Eilbeck, from Sydney's northern beaches, and their two sons, Cam, 13, and Max, 8.

But when the deadly virus struck in March, the family who had been in Key West, were forced to leave Florida and return to Australia.

The Eilbecks sailed to South Carolina, abandoning their 40ft yacht so they could fly home but a huge amount of paperwork needed to be done before Pip could join them.

She then spent the next five months staying with strangers until she was finally able to jump into her family's arms at Sydney Airport on Tuesday night.

The Eilbecks (pictured from left to right: Cam, Zoe, Max and Guy) were finally reunited with their dog Pipsqueak on Tuesday night after a long five months apart

Pipsqueak the two-year-old dachshund had been stranded in the US after the outbreak of COVID-19

'Over the last five months, Pip has been travelling by boat, by plane, by car, it's been an extremely long journey across America,' Mrs Eilbeck said.

'She's part of our family and it's been five months and that's a long time to miss anybody,' Mr Eilbeck said.

When the family first had to pack up and leave, Pip stayed with some friends in South Carolina.

The Eilbecks then shared their pet's story online urging anyone to take care of her while they worked on bringing her home.

Mrs Eilbeck was shocked to see a string of volunteers offering to help and mind Pip across the US.

The Eilbecks were in tears after welcoming home their beloved sausage dog on Tuesday night at Sydney Airport

The pup had been cared for by a string of volunteers in the US while the Eilbecks worked on bringing her home

Max and Cam Eilbeck are seen with Pip during a holiday to the United States

Those kind-hearted strangers even stayed up until 4am Sydney time to hear of Pip's arrival home.

The sausage dog was almost home weeks ago after she arrived in Auckland on July 23 and then flew to Melbourne.

She was due to finally make her return to Sydney but due to Victorian and NSW border closures, Pipsqueak's flight was cancelled.

Luckily for the Eilbecks, Virgin Australia heard about the stranded dachshund and put her on the earliest flight to Sydney.

'We just can't believe we got her home this was such a team effort and good on you Virgin,' Mrs Eilbeck said wiping away tears.  

Virgin Australia crew member, Olivia Cayzer, is seen walking Pipsqueak off the flight into the arms of her family

Virgin Australia crew member, Olivia Cayzer, ushered the pooch off the flight.

'Well I have my own dog at home so I can totally sympathise and know that this dog is part of the family and is treated like part of the family,' she said.

'Whether our guests are furry or human we love them all and so we jumped at this opportunity to help one of our furry friends.'

Glen Moloney, Virgin Australia Group General Manager Cargo said the airline was honoured to be apart of the happy rescue. 

'During these difficult times it's nice to be able to put a smile on someone's face and I know it was a real joy for our team to come to the rescue,' he said.

The Eilbecks have since put up their mega yacht for sale but are hoping to continue their around the world journey sometime soon - with Pip by their sides. 

Pip was finally able to enjoy a night's sleep at home after 136 days without her beloved family

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