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Philadelphia police search for man who tried to abduct 2-year-old in broad daylight

A Philadelphia man was caught on video trying to abduct a 2-year-old boy in the middle of the day, as police continue to search for the suspect.

Surveillance cameras captured the shocking moment the man approached the boy, who was walking on N 11 Street with his mother on October 17.

The suspect is seen making a grab for the child, but the boy's mother fought back and threw her keys at the man. 

The suspect tried to rip the 2-year-old boy away from his mother in broad daylight

The mother was able to fight off the man by throwing her keys at him

 She was able to pull the toddler to safety as the man backed off momentarily

The mother said the man continued to follow her and the toddler until they reached a local church. Philadelphia police are actively looking for the suspect

She told Fox 29 that the man claimed to be the boy's father and continued to follow her and the child until the got to safety at a local church.

'By the time I got into church, my heart was going. I was a nervous wreck. I was crying,' she said. 

The man allegedly threw a bag at her before trying to kidnap the toddler, the mother, who has not been publicly identified yet, said. 

Philadelphia police are actively searching for the suspect and describe him as a black man in his mid 30s, who is about 5-feet-11-inches tall. He was wearing maroon sweatpants and a navy blue shirt and appeared to have a back brace or light jacket tied around his waist at the time, police said.

This is not the first incident of a broad-daylight attempted abduction across the U.S. as of late. 

A similar incident took place earlier this month in New York City, when a three-year-old girl was almost kidnapped by a homeless man in the middle of the day. 

Shocking video footage shows the moment when the vagrant, Santiago Salcedo, 27, attempted to make off with the youngster who was walking with her grandmother and two brothers in the Bronx.

A homeless man tried to abduct a little girl walking with her grandmother in the Bronx in broad daylight on Monday

The man wrapped the little girl in a comforter and snatched her from the sidewalk

Surveillance camera footage shot at a gas station shows the woman walking with the three children just as Salcedo crosses the road and walks toward the group.

In an instant, Salcedo suddenly wraps the girl up in a comforter and runs off with her, much to the horror of the other kids and the 65-year-old grandma who immediately gave chase. 

She was joined by a group of courageous passersby, including one man who was filling up his car at a BP gas station in the Schuylerville area of the borough.

The man scared the abductor into releasing the little girl and he fled on a scooter.

Police caught Salcedo later in the day sleeping in a doorway. 

He was charged with kidnapping, attempted kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment and child endangerment.