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Pet owners share hilarious photos of their dogs 'malfunctioning'

Being a pet owner is guaranteed to bring you joy, but as many of us know, dogs can often be hilariously unpredictable. 

In a compilation from Bored Panda, these dog owners from around the world have shared hilarious pictures of their pets in an array of foolish situations.

They include pooches who chose to pose on rooftops and others who fell asleep in some very strange places. 

Here, FEMAIL takes a look at a selection of the best 'malfunctioning' dogs...

Strike a pose! Dog owners from around the world have shared hilarious pictures of their pets in an array of goofy situation, including this adorable pooch who was caught being very goofy when it tried to smile but stuck its tongue out instead

Strange: This white and brown dog fell asleep on top of his owner but his legs were still straight out in front of him

Hungry? This Shiba dog was caught trying to take a bite out of a chair but was caught by his bemused owner 

Upside down: These two goofy husky dogs lay on the floor with their paws against the wall as if they were walking on it 

What are you looking at? This playful puppy posed for the camera by showing off its bottom

Goofy: This dog was so excited to play fetch with his ball that his face moved into a very strange shape

Snoozing: This adorable golden retriever ended up falling asleep on his back on the sofa with his legs in the air

Camera ready! You'd think he would have found a more comfortable position, but this puppy chose to relax in a very strange pose

Awkward: This lazy dog ended up falling asleep with his face just a little too close to his friend's bottom in this hilarious snap

Oops! This one who appeared to have fallen asleep with its head resting against the door

Tiny: This small puppy managed to fit inside a saucepan and his owners were sure to take a sweet snap of him

Flexible puppy! This strange white and brown dog managed to get its feet stuck over the top its head

Comfy there? This husky also took to the rooftop to keep watch over his owner's house and looked rather comfortable in his pose

I'm watching you! This tiny brown dog had very bulging eyes as he stared at a man who was sitting on the toilet

Not got the right idea: This dog chose to sit on top of his cage instead of in it, much to his owner's confusion

Cute! This Pitbull looked very sweet as he posed for a photo by putting on a big pout and crossing his paws politely 

Busy day! This tiny puppy ran out of energy and ended up falling asleep on the bottom of an office chair

Bit windy? This black and brown dog ended up looking very strange when the wind blew his fur around during a walk on the beach

Not camera shy: This pretty dog posed for his photo shoot by smiling to show all his teeth but ended up looking very goofy

Time to sleep: This pooch fell asleep with its back legs still on the ground and its front legs flattened

Collection: This owner shared a funny photo of their black Labrador who apparently likes to collect rocks and put them in a pile

Helping out: This owner shared a picture of their dog who was eating apple peel that was meant to go in the bin

Cruising: This goofy dog appeared very human like as he posed in the front seat of a car with his hand resting on the driver's arm

Long legs! This white puppy didn't appear to know what to do with his legs and ended up in strange positions 

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