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Pet owners share hilarious photos of their cats in VERY awkward positions

Cats are often portrayed as elegant animals who always fall on their feet. 

But these feline lovers from all over the world have blown the myth wide open with hilarious pictures of their pets in very awkward positions.

Among the snaps which were shared to Instagram account Bored Cat_virus.exe before being collated in an online gallery by Bored Panda includes one cat who was spotted diving headfirst into a shelf of lettuce during a visit to the supermarket. 

Elsewhere, another furry feline looked less than impressed to be stuck in the back of toy Barbie van.  

People from all over the world have shared very amusing photographs of their cats - including this furry feline, from an unknown location, who seemed overjoyed with his new octopus toy

All on-board! This red haired cat, from an unknown location, didn't look too pleased to be stuck on a Barbie fan's toy car 

Cat nap! Another four-legged friend, from an unknown location, pulled some very funny faces when he was caught mid-snore after falling asleep on his owner

This poor tabby cat, from an unknown location, caught its leg in its owner's cable and ended up in a very compromising position 

Lettuce be! A customer, from an unknown location, spotted a white and black cat exploring a supermarket's salad section...headfirst!

This perfectly-timed picture shows a cat, from an unknown location, hiding underneath a desk with its eyes perfectly placed in two holes

So Vogue! An owner, from an unknown location, made pink knitted slippers for her white cat to slip on - with hilarious results 

Another four-legged friend, from an unknown location, was found relaxing in a rather unusual position

Say cheese! This cheeky feline, from an unknown location, stuck his tongue out and cocked his head during a cuddle with his owner

These mischievous felines were caught helping each other go through a hole in a concrete beam on the streets

This kitten, from an unknown location, didn't seem too pleased with its owner's cuddles and shot them a look of disdain 

Cat or fluffy mermaid? A pet lover, from an unknown location, stumbled upon his cat lying on the floor with its hind paws joined together like a fish tail

Sleeping on the job! Another cat, from an unknown location, was found napping in this owner's filing cabinet

This sneaky cat, from an unknown location, was hoping no one would spot its tiny paw reaching for the pizza

While one cat, from an unknown location, seems disinterested, the one is showing off its best grimace 

This white cat, from an unknown location, seemed to be plotting its revenge with his paws curled up 

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