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Perth woman left heartbroken after City of Belmont forces her to get rid of chickens and ducks

Julie Sedgwick (pictured) was forced to give up her beloved birds

A pet owner has been left devastated after the council forced her to get rid of her ducks and chickens because of a little known rule she had no idea she was breaking.

Julie Sedgwick, from Perth, was asked to make amendments to her chicken coop after a neighbour complained about her birds.

Ms Sedgwick has kept fowl for 15 years and has five chickens - Fleur, Nilla, Sunday, Cherry and Butters - and four ducks - The Duckchess, Ying, Yang and Nathan Drake. 

Dutifully, Ms Sedgwick made amendments to the birds' enclosure at great personal expense and sent images to council upon completion. 

'Then a worker turned up two months later and told my son that he'd made a mistake and that due to the local laws I can no longer have them in my yard because it is too small,' she said. 

'I understand he is just doing his job but why wasn't I made aware of the rules the first time?' 

A council worker from the City of Belmont attended the home and told Ms Sedgwick she needed to make improvements to her enclosure (pictured in 2015)

Ms Sedgwick was devastated to learn that the City of Belmont states that chickens must be 15m from the home. 

The animals must also be housed in a vermin-proof structure that has been properly constructed. 

'I only have my sons and my pets left, and to me they're family and I'm not happy about giving them up,' she said. 

Ms Sedgwick said no one would want to rehome her birds because they are old and can no longer lay eggs and has pleaded with the council to let her keep them until they pass away. 

Ms Sedgwick was then informed that she would have to give up the birds because their enclosure was too close to her home 

John Christie, the chief executive at the City of Belmont, said the rules are part of the 2002 local health laws and must be adhered to. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the City of Belmont for comment. 

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