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People share VERY bizarre pictures they saw online

Just when you think you've seen it all, there's always a sight that comes along to surprise you, as shown in these bizarre pictures.

American trivia website Excellent Town has compiled these snaps from around the world of people in strange postures and other unusual scenes that will make you wonder what on earth you're looking at. 

In one picture, a woman was caught sunbathing in a bikini on a sidewalk next to parked cars.

Meanwhile, a couple's lukewarm pregnancy announcement simply read 'it's a baby,' with half-blown balloons hanging from the ceiling. 

Pets were also caught in peculiar photographs, with one tabby dressed as a Pope parading in a stroller - perhaps in a nod to the famous 'popemobile'. 

Pray tell me what's going on? Passers-by were left baffled to spot this cat in a Pope outfit being pushed in a stroller  

If you can't go to the beach, make the beach come to you! One woman raised eyebrows when she decided to sunbathe on the sidewalk 

Congratulations? These expectant parents do not seem too enthusiastic in their pregnancy announcement, which reads 'it's a baby'

What you looking at? A curious turtle bent her neck to have a closer look at her owner

Revolutionary or weird? Some decided to recycle their car into a planter, but we're not convinced by the results 

Is this what the future looks like? A couple were spotted carrying plants in glasses cases and inhaling the air through tubes 

Fans of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book will be glad to know an author apparently wrote a reverse version, starring the dragon

Passers-by were shocked when they spotted the beloved SpongeBob character Patrick wearing death-defying heels 

Not your average train journey! In Japan, a commuter looked very confused when a woman's 'tail' brushed against his arm

I want to believe! A woman took a picture of her reflection in her iron and realised it made her look like a deformed alien

Imagining seeing this on your doorstep! We don't know what the green substance under the cracked asphalt is, but it cannot be good 

Not something you see every day! A boar decided to have a nap on an abandoned mattress by dirty dumpsters

Tuck in! This disturbing jellied dish contains olives, meat and peas, but might not be to the taste of everyone 

What big feet you have! A well-time snap of a reflection makes it look like this cat has human feet 

It's a dog's life! Veterinary workers had a bit of fun at the office and dressed a dog as a doctor and put protective cones around their heads in a bizarre stunt

Stop horsing around! From this unusual perspective, it looks like this human body has a horse head