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People share hilarious pictures of their cat 'malfunctioning'

Cats are known for their independent spirit but they are equally loved for their weird and playful side. 

And now feline lovers from South Africa, North America and Europe have shared hilarious pictures of their pets striking strange poses around the house in the subreddit 'What's Wrong With Your Cat?'.

Collated by Bored Panda in an online gallery, one snap shows a cat sitting in their owner's shower basket while no one is looking. 

In another, a playful black cat is sitting upside-down, yearning for some attention from his owner. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals the strangest and funniest poses from a Siamese kitten stuck in a food dispenser to a ginger tabby on one leg on the kitchen counter top...

People from Europe and North America have shared hilarious pictures of their cats. In Canada, Winston, pictured, amazed his owner with this weird pose 

Paws up! This black cat from the US showed his playful side to his owner by sitting upside-down in this amusing snap

A cat owner from Texas revealed his Siamese feline got caught in his food dispenser after trying to score more treats 

In the US, a cat lover was left in stitches when they found their cat standing on their kitchen counter, hunting ladybugs 

This bendy kitty from Philadelphia impressed their owner with their strange sitting position where they tucked their hind legs underneath their body 

An owner was amazed when they caught their cat tip-toeing on the edge of their TV screen when no one was looking 

This cat based in the US loves to sit in his owner's shower basket when he wants some down time

This funny kitty from the US knows just how to catch the attention of his owners when he wants some cuddles 

In Johannesburg, this cat lover joked his feline friend was 'liquid' after they stretched in their basket  

This little fellow from Europe, centre top, loves to give his family a fright by surprising them from all angles

In the US, a cat owner explained his pet would always stretch like this whenever someone picked it up  

In this amusing photo, this Siamese from the US likes to show his laid back side by resting on their owner's chair

In Nashville, this kitty sent their owner in hysterics when they found him sitting head upside-down 

Noodles, a fluffy cat from Florida, seemed alarmed when his owner tried to take a selfie together  

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