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People reveal the VERY amusing exchanges they've had after texting the wrong number

Whether you're texting someone who you haven't messaged in a long time or there's a new addition to your phonebook, unexpected interactions with the wrong person can catch us all out. 

Cracked has rounded up a selection of wrong number text exchanges from around the world that have gone viral, from lovelorn suitors to people arguing with their mothers - or so they thought. 

For instance, one individual received a message saying 'Mom wants you to call her', which resulted in a lenghty conversation, only to discover that the text was from someone they didn't know. 

Elswhere, a singleton was left disappointed to find they'd been given a fake number, but at least the stranger replied so they weren't left hanging.  

Cracked has rounded up a selection of viral text exchanges from around the world, including an individual in the U.S, who had a lengthy call with their mother after receiving a text message from a stranger 

Hit redial! One person, whose location is unknown, admitted to being baffled by a text message they received that explained they phoned the wrong number 

Another individual, who lives in the UK, attempted to build a friendship with a random phone number, before realising they were being pranked 

Parent trap! A babysitter, whose location is unknown, was left speechless after the number they texted told them to keep the children

Oh mother! One person, from the US, was flooded with messages begging them to go to the supermarket by a mystery texter who didn't believe they weren't speaking to their daughter 

Another individual, whose location is unknown, was forced to block the person they mistakenly texted after they kept contacting them 

Wait and see! An individual, whose location is unknown, sent an amusing GIF after pretending to be an employee running late for work 

One person, who lives in the U.S, was left devastated after discovering the phone number they just received was wrong 

A woman, from the U.S, gushed about appreciating a Christmas message from the wrong number because she suffered a loss around the holidays

One person was left speechless after trying to make a joke with the person who had texted them, only to discover they were trying to pass on some very sad news 

Another individual, who lives in America, urged the person who contacted them to call the emergency services instead of texting about a possible fire

An individual from America, gave a very sarcastic response to the person who texted them a photo of a random cable 

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