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People reveal how they unexpectedly ended up in bar fights

Brawlers have shared their shocking bar fight stories in an eye-opening online thread. 

People from around the world took to anonymous US-based secret sharing app Whisper to confess the bizarre, petty and sometimes sickening exchanges that led to the altercations.

One punter revealed she jumped to her brother's rescue after he got into an argument with other patrons while drunk.  

And another unlucky brawler confessed he accidentally punched his own date and knocked her teeth out after missing his original target.  

People have shared why they got involved in bar fights on the anonymous US-based website Whisper. One woman said she jumped in to help her brother who got into a brawl while drunk

Another woman revealed she cut a man's head open with her pair of high heels in her first ever bar fight 

A 'lucky' punter joked they had caused a bar fight because people argued over their 'great looks'

Still got it! A 63-year-old mother was arrested by police and had to call her child for help after she got into a fight at a bar 

Someone had to wait a year-and-a-half to get their teeth replaced after getting into a bar fight to defend a girl from her abusive boyfriend 

One person said it was the 'best feeling ever' after they knocked a guy out because he said he and his girlfriend were an ugly couple 

One woman revealed she fought with a man in Italy after he offered her 12 euros to have sex with him - roughly £10

One person admitted they got into a fight simply because they wanted to punch another person 

An unlucky fighter revealed he punched his date in the face and knocked her teeth out after missing his original target 

A 21-year-old woman revealed she got into a fight with another girl at a pub which ended in them sharing a steamy kiss 

One person revealed they had 'the most fun they'd ever had' during a bar fight where they hit everyone and anyone they could 

One man revealed he got into a fight after homophobic punters yelled slurs at gay men who were enjoying a drink

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