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Penrith slammed as worst Australian town in Facebook review

Penrith has become the latest suburb to suffer a scathing review pointing out it's problems by a popular Facebook page.

The western Sydney suburb was labelled the Australia's 'super slum' notorious for having 'feral housos, yobbos and ruffians' by the tongue-in-cheek page, 'S**t Towns of Australia'. 

Penrith is 57km from the CBD and at the foot of the Blue Mountains, but is still considered part of Sydney.  And according to S**t Towns, it's also the ideal place to hide a dead body.

Penrith (pictured) has been labelled as the 'super slum' of Australia notorious for having 'feral housos, yobbos and ruffians' by the group S**t Towns of Australia

Many agreed with the post saying it was an 'unpleasant' place to live (pictured: revellers at Defqon festival held in Penrith)

'Penrith is a super-slum notorious for its population of feral housos, yobbos and other ruffians,' the post read.

'Penrith is commonly known by locals as 'Penriff' or 'The Riff' due to the local accent/speech impediment caused by a lack of teeth.'

The post described the perfect Penrith local a sporting a mullet haircut and a Southern Cross tattoo.

'The Penrith uniform consists of a mullet or rat's tail, Ugg boots and a flannel shirt with a pack of Winnie Blues tucked into the upper sleeve (unisex), with a Southern Cross tattoo on either the bicep (for men) or the right breast (for women).' 

The group's most scathing comment compared those living at the 'Riff' to drug addicts.

'The most popular pastime involves proud Aussie primary school dropouts moaning that they can barely make their next meth payment because educated immigrants took all the jobs,' the group said. 

Why Penrith is Australia's worst town:

Town is full of people with a 'speech impediment' due to having 'a lack of teeth' 

Typical Penrith local has a mullet or rat's tail haircut, a southern cross tattoo and carries a pack of cigarettes

The town is abundant with 'pokies, meth labs and loads of wilderness to hide a body'

Local NRL team, the Penrith Panthers were described as 'p**s poor' 

Source: S**t Towns of Australia 

'Valet parking at the Chifley is also great. You hand over your keys, and a few days later the cops will find your car torched in Cranebrook,' one person joked.  

'I once had the experience of visiting Penriff, it wasn't a pleasant one,' another commented.

Some said the review didn't criticise Penrith strongly enough.

'It's so much more s**t than you have described... expectant mothers having a durrie outside the hospital, turds floating down the Nepean, beer fights at the Red Cow, v8's doing burnouts in high st, lengthy queues at centrelink, random abuse hurled at you at the plaza,' another said. 

But not all agreed, noting that the population in Penrith was actually increasing. 

'Whoever wrote this is so full of s**t. Each suburb has its own issues and pity the suburb this person lives. If Penrith is so bad why is the population booming. 

The suburb's NRL team, the Penrith Panthers also copped abuse in the post.

'Despite having a massive surplus of bogans, Penrith is inexplicably unable to put together anything resembling a competitive NRL team, instead relying on the perennially p**s-poor Penrith Panthers,' it said.

Penrith's NRL team the Penrith Panthers (pictured) were described as 'p**s poor'

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