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Pawtners in crime! Canny canines combine to lift some leftovers 

This is the hilarious moment three canny canines join forces to steal leftover dinner from the kitchen counter.

Vertically-challenged corgi Hugo is given a leg up by his border collie friends Harley and Henry.

Harley and Henry form a furry footstool to allow eight-month-old Hugo to hop up on their backs to reach the counter top and eat his fill.

The footage was shot by Line Fatland Frøystad in Norway.

This is the hilarious moment a trio of dogs help each other to steal some leftover dinner from the kitchen counter. Hugo - the 8 month old corgi was filmed stealing the dinner at his home in Norway with the help of his friends Harley and Henry the Border collies

Line Fatland Frøystad with her corgi Hugo in Norway who clambered on his canine friends

Hugo has shorter legs as a corgi than his brothers but that doesn't stop him joining in the fun

Professional dog trainer Line, CEO of @funnybubbledogs on Instagram, said: 'My corgi is raised together with his border collie brothers.

'Hugo always wants to do the same as they do, run fast, jump high and steal food from the counter. But a corgi has short legs and all of these things aren't always easy to do.

'So one day after dinner I noticed Hugo was jumping on the back of Henry and Harley to reach the food.

'The moment he got up he attacked the food. The two border collies where probably hoping he would share some, but he didn't.

'Looking back, I'm thinking this video has a really good message. We all need to work together to achieve our goals and, at this time with Covid, I think this video is what we need.'

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