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Pawsome! Pit bull is determined to climb pool ladder so he can jump in for a quick dip

A persistent pit bull terrier made quite a splash when he learnt how to climb a swimming pool ladder so he could join his owner for a swim.

The hound, called Max, was visiting his owner's mother's house when he decided to scale a steep pool ladder so he could have a quick dip.

In footage filmed in Long Branch, New Jersey, Max is unsteady on his feet as he slowly begins his climb up the ladder, holding on with his front two paws. 

Max the pit bull terrier was determined to climb a steep pool ladder without any help so he could join his owner for a quick swim in Long Branch, New Jersey

Max refused to give up throughout the entire unsteady climb and after a few words of encouragement from his owner, jumped into the pool and made quite a splash

He moves his front paws up the rungs and shakily climbs up each step with his back legs. 

The pooch refuses to give up even when he struggles to move his front paws up the final step and onto the diving platform. 

Max stops to rest his head on the ledge before making the final tricky scramble up on to the platform.

His owner looks at him in shock and amazement from the pool as Max sits on top of the step, taking a short break after his lengthy climb. 

His owner watches Max with shock and amazement from the pool as his pooch sits on the diving platform after successfully scrambling up the steps 

The dog's decided to battle against the pool ladder when he visited his owner's mother's house on June 8 and the hilarious moment was caught on camera

It looks like the determined pit bull may not take the plunge after all but following a few words of encouragement from his owner, Max leaps into the water to cool off.

The hound stayed in the water to have a short swim with his owner before he amazingly climbed back out of the pool, Max's owner said. 

He said: 'My dog max was hot one day and he was determined to climb the ladder to go swimming this is at my mom's house in long branch New Jersey and he did 3 laps around the pool and climbed out.'

The footage of Max's impressive battle against the ladder was taken last week, on June 8.

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