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Passenger thrown off JetBlue aircraft for refusing to wear a Covid19 mask

This is the moment a man is heckled by fed-up passengers after he refused to wear his mask and the airline made an unscheduled landing to take him off the flight. 

The incident took place onboard a JetBlue aircraft on February 27 which had been flying to Cancun, Mexico from JFK in New York when it was forced to divert to Ford Lauderdale, Florida. 

Several passengers including Lawrence T Redick IV, 22, from New York filmed the scenes as the delayed passengers vented their frustrations. 

One passenger calls out they hoped the Covid-19 denier would be fed to Florida's alligator community and the rest of the flight erupts into laughter.   

The footage shows a flight attendant standing next to the offending passenger, telling him: 'Let's go, get up, let's go.'

Disgruntled passengers on a JetBlue flight to Cancun, Mexico, heckled a man who refused to wear a mask and forced the aircraft to be diverted to Florida so he could be thrown off

Other passengers can be seen filming the anti-masker and shouting: 'Get him out of here,' and: 'Shame!'

Moments later, after two sheriffs walk up the aisle behind the flight attendant, the passenger, who is now wearing a black mask, can be seen getting up from his seat.

Passengers erupt into cheering and clap their hands while others shout 'boo' as the man slowly makes his way off the plane.

As he is exiting, one hilarious person onboard shouts: 'I hope you get eaten by an alligator!' prompting an outburst of laughter.

Redick added: 'I started filming after we landed in Florida.

'Me and my family were on our way to Cancun and the passenger initially wore a mask to get on the flight but during the flight, he kept taking it off.

'The flight attendants and the pilot made two announcements about the passenger saying that if he didn't keep his mask on then they would have to make an emergency landing and get him off.

'Sure enough, he didn't keep the mask on and so we had to land early and then he put his mask on to leave.

'We were on the plane for roughly three hours before we landed early and then we had to stay on the plane in Florida for about an hour to an hour-and-a-half because of this.'

Almost 3,000 people have commented on the footage which was uploaded to TikTok on Monday. More than 60,000 people have liked the short video and more than 2,500 users have shared the story. 

The aircraft was diverted to Florida because the passenger repeatedly removed his mask

Redick captioned his video using text-to-speak software tom provide commentary about what was happening. 

He wrote: 'Some D head didn't wanna wear a mask on the plan so we had to land early just to get him off.' 

He continued: 'All this just because of one person, it's so frustrating.'  Urging the prompt end of the incident, he said: 'Come on loser, hurry up!' 

As the man is being led from the cabin, he describes it as a 'walk of shame'. He then adds: 'I hope you stay stranded in Florida.' 

One TikTok user wrote: 'If you want to anti-mask, do it home, not at the inconvenience of everyone else flying. Even if you don't believe it, just wear it to be polite.'  

Passengers onboard the flight said they were on the ground in Florida for 90 minutes

Another person seemed more concerned with why the flight was so full, adding: 'Why are there so many people on the plane? Are they not seating people spaced out anymore?' 

JetBlue's website states: 'Face masks are required inside all airport terminals and the duration of every JetBlue flight.

'Beginning February 2, 2021, a federal mandate will be in place requiring all persons 2 years and older wear a mask during flight, including during boarding and deplaning. 

'A federal mandate also requires a mask be worn in all U.S. airports. Any individual who fails to comply with this law may be subject to denied boarding, removal from the aircraft, and/or penalties under federal law.'

MailOnline has approached JetBlue for a comment.  

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