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Parents PRANK children into believing they're going back to school in hilarious April Fool's jokes

Playful parents have been pranking their children into believing they're going back to school in hilarious April Fool's jokes shared online. 

Many mothers and fathers from across the country have been playing the trick on their kids, with some even telling their children that weekends are cancelled to make up for missing days because of coronavirus. 

But just as the children are about to walk out the door to go back to the classroom, the parents have been revealing their tomfoolery, before sharing their hilarious reactions on social media. .

The joke brings a hilarious light moment to the on-going uncertainty surrounding schools across the country, which are closed amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 

Playful parents from across the UK have been leaving their children in stitches as they prank them into believing they're going back to school today amidst the coronavirus crisis 

Many mothers and fathers  have been tricking their children into believing it's back to school today (pictured left and right, school pupils left confused by the prank) 

One mother filmed her children as she told them that not only would they be going back to school, they would also have to attend on the weekend 'to make up for the days they had missed', leaving one little boy in hysterics. 

Another mother, Amy Longthorn, from Yorkshire, also revealed her hilarious trick on her daughter online.

Posting the clip on Facebook, she said her daughter had been unhappy with the prank, saying: 'She has well and truly fallen out with me.'

In the video, her daughter can be seen walking through her front garden in her full school uniform while her mother told her to 'have a good day.'

But just as she reached the end of the garden, Amy called her daughter back and burst into laughter at revealing the whole charade had been an April's Fools. 

One little girl had perfected her hair and donned her school uniform before jumping into her father's car before he revealed the reality of the prank 

In another hilarious clip shared to Twitter, father Kyle Maynard revealed his daughter had settled into the front seat of his car for the school-run before he revealed the truth.

He said he'd gone so far as to create a fake email to trick his daughter into believing she would be forced back into the classroom. 

When he revealed the truth to hsi daughter, she couldn't believe it, and could be seen clutching her books as she questioned him about the complexity of his prank. 

Posting the clip online, he wrote: 'She’s wounded. Drafted an email from her school explaining she’d need to be in school today. Put her alarm clock back an hour.

Amy Longthorn, from Yorkshire, could be seen filming her daughter as she walked through her front garden, before finally telling her it was an April Fool as she reached the gate to the main road 

'Got up quicker than she’s done for a while. Hair immaculate. Posed for a "corona back to school photo".

'What Dad’s are for eh?' 

One father, Shane McCartney, from Ireland, posted a hilarious video to Twitter as his daughter put on her shoes before heading out the door to school.

In the clip, he could be heard saying: 'Where do you think you're going?'

In another hilarious video, one cheeky mother told her son that he'd have to go back to school and 'attend on weekends' because he had missed so much, leaving him enraged 

As the little girl stood at the front door and responded: 'School', her parents could hardly contain their laughter.   

But while her parents can be heard giggling and saying 'We've tricked you', the little girl appeared not to find the moment so funny.

All schools were closed to most children from March 20, with millions told to stay at home in a bid to beat the pandemic, piling pressure on struggling families. 

'Skeleton' schools are now catering for about 10 per cent of pupils, while emergency measures are being introduced to help poorer families access free school meals.

The Prime Minister also said on March 18 that all exams such as GSCEs and A-Levels due to take place in May and June will be cancelled.

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