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Online trolls share amusing responses to police mugshot

A photo of a man with facial tattoos who is wanted by cops has sparked a flurry of hilarious responses after the image was posted to a New Zealand police Facebook page. 

'Do you know where Karsin Peneha is?' the mugshot, posted on Thursday, is captioned. 

'Does he have any distinctive features to look out for?' one person replied. 

Karsin Peneha (pictured) is being looked for by New Zealand police with his mugshot posted online on Thursday 

Many people couldn't resist a tounge-in-cheek comment (pictured) 

One person said he could be waiting until his order of Natural Glow makeup arrives (pictured) 

'Police are seeking the public's help to locate Peneha, 23, thought to be in the Gisborne area.' the police post reads. 

'He's around 175cm tall and of skinny build.'

'Peneha should not be approached, however if you see him or know of his whereabouts, please contact police.' 

'Will be quite hard to find him,' one person joked. 

'Does he have any distinguishing features to help us recognise him?' another said.  

Police believe Peneha is in the Gisborne area (pictured) on New Zealand's North Island 

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