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Olivia Colman reveals husband STOLE a roll of toilet paper from Buckingham Palace at charity event

Olivia Colman has revealed her husband stole a toilet roll from Buckingham Palace when they visited for a charity event - and that she's become 'completely obsessed' by the Queen. 

The Oscar-winning actress plays Britain's longest serving ruler in the long-awaited new series of Netflix's The Crown, due out next month, which covers the period from 1964 to 1977. 

And she now joins the ranks of celebrities connected to the pilfering of items from the monarch's London home, including Spice Girl Emma Bunton, who made off with a sign from the ladies, and TV presenter Denise van Outen, who snatched an ashtray and tissue-box holder. 

Olivia Colman, who plays Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown, has revealed that her husband stole a toilet roll while at Buckingham Palace

The Oscar-winning actress, pictured with husband Ed Sinclair at the 91st Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood in February this year, joins the ranks of celebrities connected to the pilfering of items from the palace

'My husband stole some loo roll just to say we got it from Buckingham Palace', the 45-year-old told The Sunday Times. 

It happened moments after they met Prince William at the event, who told them he doesn't watch the series.

After finding out what the Queen endures, Colman also admitted that she has switched from being a republican to a 'lefty monarchist' before musing on how Her Majesty unwinds.

'We know she loves to escape to the highlands', she said. 'She probably goes crazy up there - she must release in some way; running around naked, screaming and pulling her hair out.'

Colman also said that after playing Britain's longest serving monarch she has switched from being a republican to a 'lefty monarchist'

The actress and her husband were at a  charity event at Buckingham Palace and met Prince William before stealing the roll of toilet paper

The new Netflix series covers the period when Zimbabwe declared independence, the UK was gripped by blackouts and a miners' strike, Britain joining the European Economic area and Margaret Thatcher becoming leader of the conservative party.

Among events filmed in the series are the hunt for a traitor in the palace and Harold Wilson being elected prime minister. 

More serious thefts faced by Buckingham Palace include the disappearance of the monarch's silver cutlery after a 60-guest garden party was interrupted by bad weather in 2012. 

Celebrities that have been less-than-well behaved at the palace

1965 - Beatles member John Lennon claimed the band had smoked a joint in Buckingham Palace loos before meeting the Queen to receive MBEs. However, George Harrison later claimed that they had only smoked cigarettes.

1998 - TV presenter Denise van Outen made off with an ashtray and tissue-box holder when she visited Buckingham Palace. She later posted them back with a note of apology and small model camel for the Queen.

2002 - Spice Girl Emma Bunton took a sign from the ladies' toilets following her performance for the Queen's golden jubilee

Robbie Williams performs at the Queen's diamond jubilee celebrations in 2012. The celebrity claimed he smoked a joint in the palace grounds on the day

2011 - TV presenter Piers Morgan claimed he also snatched a loo roll from the palace, to add to his collection of toilet papers from famous properties.

2012 - Robbie Williams claimed he smoked a joint in the palace grounds during the Queen's diamond jubilee concert

2014 - Stephen Fry claims in his autobiography that he used cocaine while staying at Buckingham Palace. He also claimed to have used the class A drug at Windsor Castle, Clarence House and Sandringham.

Another is the robbery of a £350,000 Adriaen van Ostade painting by a member of palace staff.

Its absence was only spotted after Duncan Gray, 23, from Hastings, put it up for auction nearly three months later. He was sentenced to a year in jail for his actions. 

Colman married her actor and writer husband Ed Sinclair in 2001, after meeting him at Cambridge University. The pair have three children together.

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