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NYPD cancels all officer leave ahead of third night of carnage

The NYPD is cracking down ahead of a third night of carnage across Manhattan by canceling all office leave after failing to control looters on Monday night despite doubling its presence from 4,000 to 8,000 officers.  

All non-essential traffic will be banned across Manhattan beneath 96th Street starting at 8pm tonight as the NYPD gears up for another night of carnage, the third in a row. 

Earlier on Tuesday, de Blasio brought the curfew forward from 11pm until 8pm after another night of violence and crime that saw looters pillage Fifth Avenue, Union Square, Madison Square, Flatiron and parts of Soho.   

Since the rioting began in New York City, more than 700 people have been arrested, according to NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea on Tuesday morning. A citywide curfew from 8pm until 5am is in place until Sunday. 

Six people were injured last night including a police officer who was run over in the Bronx and there were a dozen shootings but none were involving police.

President Trump on Tuesday called on Gov Andrew Cuomo to take tougher action and send in the National Guard, saying the city had been lost to 'lowlife scum' and 'thugs'. 

The decision to send in the Guard rests with Cuomo and de Blasio but both are refusing to do it, saying the NYPD is better equipped to handle the situation even though they have lost control to crowds in the last 48 hours. 

On Tuesday, Cuomo said neither the NYPD nor the Mayor did their job last night and that the result was a 'disgrace' but he believes the situation will improve if the cops are deployed 'properly'. 

De Blasio has not said how many extra cops he will put on the streets, if any.

People who are exempt to the curfew are essential workers - as defined by the COVID-19 lockdown rules - , the homeless and people seeking medical attention. 

Ubers and Lyfts are considered essential as are yellow taxis and restaurants can still deliver food to homes if they choose to stay open. 

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Camera and Computers on 34th Street was looted last night after crowds seized on Macy's in Herald Square and other stores in the iconic shopping district 

Workers survey the damage inside Camera and Computers on 34th Street after the looting on Monday night 

Luxury stores on Fifth Avenue were boarded up on Tuesday morning in anticipation of more chaos after another violent night 

Cartier and Versace had all been entirely boarded up on Tuesday morning. Stores further down Fifth Avenue were ransacked 

Valentino was boarded up on Tuesday morning as the curfew across New York City was brought forward from 11pm until 8pm and extended until Sunday 

On Tuesday morning, luxury stores further along Fifth Avenue boarded up their windows in anticipation of more violence 

A broken off piece of a souvenir Statue of Liberty after looters ransacked the store at Times Square on Monday night 

The Puma store on Fifth Avenue was being boarded up on Tuesday morning 

Stores near Rockefeller Center, which saw large crowds gather last night but largely avoided looting, boarding up windows on Tuesday morning 

The looters targeted stores all over Manhattan, ransacking several retailers in each location, before police arrived. These are just some of the known locations they targeted 

Urban Outfitters was one of several stores his at Herald Square. Shown, the aftermath on Tuesday morning 

Inside Urban outfitters at Herald Square after it was trashed by looters on Monday night despite a city-wide curfew 

Smashed windows outside Duane Reade on Tuesday morning after another night of violence. Pictured, Duane Reade on Broadway between 35th and 36th street


Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have both claimed that they do not need to send in the National Guard because the NYPD can handle the escalating chaos across the city. 

De Blasio said on Tuesday at his press conference: 'We do not need nor do we think it's wise, for the National Guard to be deployed in NYC because they're not trained for the dynamic here.'

He also said that New Yorkers and NYPD were 'one' and that anyone who attacked cops would be punished.

Cuomo took a tougher stance, saying the NYPD did not do its job last night or the night before and that it had to change its tactics. 

He wants to see more of them on the streets. 

'They have protected the city before in these situations, I've seen them do it before so I know they can do it because I have seen them do it.

'They did not do it last night, that is true, but I believe in the inherent capacity of the NYPD  if managed and if deployed. 

'That's what hasn't worked and that has to be fixed today. Stop the looting. I do believe the NYPD well deployed, wouldn't need the National Guard. They are trained to do this.' 

Commissioner Dermot Shea defended his officers, saying:  'They are doing the best they can under incredibly difficult circumstances. We will not allow this city to regress.

'We will protect all citizens of this city. You can have faith in us.'  

On Tuesday he just said he would deploy 'additional resources' where they are needed. NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said on Tuesday: 'They are doing the best they can under incredibly difficult circumstances. We will not allow this city to regress.

'We will protect all citizens of this city. You can have faith in us.' 

He said cops were 'putting their lives on the line so people could protest against them'. 

In the meantime, stores that were not targeted on Monday night have been boarding up their windows and doors in anticipation of more carnage. 

The unrest comes just days before New York City's long-awaited planned reopening after spending three months in strict lockdown to battle coronavirus. 

'The Mayor of New York City says he doesn't need the National Guard or think they'll be helpful and he can do it with the NYPD. 

'First, the NYPD and the Mayor did not do their job last night. 

'Look at the videos. It was a disgrace. 

'I believe the Mayor underestimates the scope of the problem, the duration of the problem and I don't think they've used enough police to address the situation. 

'It is inarguable that it was not addressed last night,' Cuomo said. 

He went on: 'The Mayor has said he can handle it with the NYPD. 

'My option is to displace the Mayor of NYC and bring in the National Guard, in a state of emergency, and basically take over. 

'You would have to take over the Mayor's job. I don't think we're at that point. 

'That would be such a chaotic situation in the midst of an already chaotic situation. 

'I don't think that makes any sense,' he said, adding that it hadn't been done in 100 years. 

Instead, he said, the NYPD had to change tactics. 'You have 38,000 NYPD. 

'They have protected the city before in these situations, I've seen them do it before so I know they can do it because I have seen them do it.

'They did not do it last night, that is true, but I believe in the inherent capacity of the NYPD  if managed and if deployed. 

NYPD officers received this memo today telling them all leave was canceled 

'That's what hasn't worked and that has to be fixed today. Stop the looting. 

'I do believe the NYPD well deployed, wouldn't need the National Guard.  They are trained to do this.' 

De Blasio earlier said: 'We do not need nor do we think it's wise, for the National Guard to be deployed in NYC because they're not trained for the dynamic here.' 

Cuomo also said they did not have the right training and that the NYPD was better suited to the job. 

In his tweet, Trump said: 'The Governor refuses to accept my offer of a dominating National Guard. 

His reference was not just to Gov. Cuomo but to his younger brother, CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo, too. 

Gov. Cuomo is in charge of enlisting the National Guard if needed, not Trump. Yesterday, Cuomo said 13,000 troops were on standby but they had not yet been mobilized. Twenty other states have put theirs in action.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has extended New York City's curfew to last through the week from 8pm until 5am. 

The carnage at nightfall came after a day in which thousands protested peacefully across the city over the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who was killed in Minneapolis last Monday when a police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes. 

Kmart at Astor Place was looted on Monday night. Stores that were not targeted on Monday night have been boarding up their windows and doors in anticipation of more carnage

Warehouse Wines and Spirits at Broadway and Astor Place boarded up its doors and windows after being looted

CVS at 51 Astor Place boarded up its windows in anticipation of more riots

The Adidas store in Broadway, Soho, on Tuesday has boarded up its frontage Tuesday

The inside of a Verizon store that was ransacked on Tuesday morning 

Looters stuck political stickers demanding that Trump and Pence be ousted to the cashier of the Verizon store 

A discarded pair of shoes in the street from a shoe store in Union Square that was looted on Monday night 

Stores along Fifth Avenue were trashed including some between 18th and 25th Street in the Flatiron district 

Macy's had been entirely boarded up by Tuesday afternoon to prevent further looting

Ann Taylor on Fifth Avenue between 21st and 22nd Street on Tuesday morning after a violent night of looting 

Another store boarded up near Union Square on Tuesday morning 

Zara on Fifth Avenue in Flatiron was boarded up on Tuesday morning 

Saks Fifth Avenue, the iconic department store, was boarded up entirely on Tuesday morning 

In the week since, distress has erupted across America as Black Lives Matters protesters fend off violent responses from police forces trying to disperse them and looters and rioters cash in on the chaos. 

President Trump has only inflamed tensions by threatening to deploy the military across the country unless state governors crack down further. 

On Monday night, he finally emerged from the White House after keeping himself hidden away over the weekend to walk to a church for a photo-opp with a bible. 

In order for him to get there, police rained tear gas and rubber bullets on a crowd of peaceful protesters.   

New York City's 11pm curfew was announced yesterday afternoon by Cuomo and de Blasio. It is the first time the city has imposed a curfew since the 1940s but it did little to stop the looters.   

Sephora on Fifth Avenue on the Flatiron District of New York City on Tuesday after being ransacked 

The Staples on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan's Flatiron District was also smashed up by looters

Looters descended on Herald Square on Monday night to steal from Macy's among other stores in a second night of unrest

A man could be seen running out of Paul & Shark on Madison Avenue and 61st Street clutching piles of clothing. Smashed glass covered the floor after the storefront was smashed

The Lego Store next to Madison Square Park was also hit. One person could be seen running out with large boxes last night

An AT&T store on Tuesday morning after being ransacked by looters 

A Duane Reade Express in Midtown on Monday night in the second night of looting in New York City 

Nordstrom Rack at Union Square was also ransacked by looters 

A CVS on Monday night after being looted is guarded by a cop in Midtown Manhattan

A man hands out shoes taken from the Ugg Store in Soho on Monday night 

NYPD officers arrested more than 200 people across the city on Monday night 

Long before 11pm, crowds were smashing store fronts along Fifth Avenue. 


NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan has said that good cops were 'paying the price' for others' racism and that bigotry had no place in the NYPD. 

Monahan yesterday took a knee with protesters in Union Square Park after they asked him to join them. 

'There's not a police officer here that thinks Minnesota was justified. We stand with you,' he said.

NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan on Monday in Union Square 

He later hugged protesters and told them to 'be safe'. 

In an interview with CBS This Morning on Tuesday, he said: 'What happened in Minnesota was an outrage, completely and totally. 

'But 800,000 law enforcement officers around this country are paying the price for what that guy did in Minnesota'. 

He went on to say he understands the protesters' anger. 

'Protest, yell, scream, let your rage out, but don't take your rage out on the community, destroy the businesses that actually employ members of this community.'  

Upmarket fashion store Michael Kors on Fifth Avenue was among the luxury outlets hit, along with Nike and Lego.

Groups of young people moved from block to block around the district - usually bustling with tourists but deserted due to the coronavirus - with entire streets blocked by police. 

De Blasio fumed at 'criminals' who had attacked NYPD officers and also said he had 'faith' in the city to overcome the crisis but that there were bad actors trying to 'divide' it. 

De Blasio - whose own daughter was arrested on Saturday night at one protest - also said that he had concerns of a second wave of coronavirus cases with so many people gathering.  

In an interview with NY1 at 9.40pm, de Blasio claimed in the same breath that while the city had a 'real problem', it was 'fully under control'. 

'We have a small situation with a small number of people doing looting, trying to take advantage of what they see around the country and this moment, and we're doing a defense against it and a very strong one – thousands of police officers and now we’re going to impose the curfew earlier. 

'But I’m not just going to accept a misunderstanding of what’s happening in the city. 

'The city is fully under control and overwhelmingly calm and peaceful. That's just reality. I'm seeing it with my own eyes,' he said. 

Pictures and videos taken across the city tell a different story. 

An NYPD official told DailyMail.com on Tuesday morning that there were more than a dozen shootings around the city last night. 

Six people were hospitalized but he would not give a breakdown of how many were cops and how many were civilians.  

Tuesday night's strategy, the mayor said, is to impose a curfew before it gets dark. 

'He said he and Cuomo - who were criticized for making the curfew so late to begin with - wanted to give people an opportunity to get home on Monday night. 

'Except for a few hours last night, we had not seen any of this kind of activity of large-scale breaking into stores – again, not something we've historically seen in New York City – and we wanted to give people time to get home, we wanted to bring it in in a manner that certainly did not disrupt people in communities, and that we thought would be an effective tool.

'But it’s just, we're seeing too much of this activity tonight. 

'And that's really what we saw this evening and last night, is when it got dark is when people attempted to do this kind of activity. 

'So, we're going to just take the next obvious steps and have a curfew that begins while it's still light out at 8:00 PM tomorrow,' he said.

One person is lead away by police officers wearing helmets on the seventh night of unrest sparked by the death of George Floyd

One man is held down on the floor by police officers who arrested those who broke New York City's 11pm to 5am curfew last night

Looters ransacked Manhattan's designer stores overnight as New York City's 11pm curfew failed to stop people smashing windows and running off with hundreds of dollars of merchandise. Pictured: Looters raid a Balenciaga store in Manhattan last night

A man is arrested by cops after curfew in New York City during protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis

Flagship Macy's department store was also targeted despite having been boarded up. Pictured: The store bordered up

Police arrested numerous people for breaking curfew in New York City last night during a protest demanding justice of George Floyd

Video showed alleged looters being lead out of Macy's in Herald Square on the seventh night of unrest in the US

A man was lead away by police after he was arrested during the protest last night. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio imposed a curfew on all residents apart from essential workers, anyone seeking medical attention and the homeless yesterday

A protester is arrested by police officers for breaking curfew on Eight Avenue in New York City last night

The glass windows at G-Star Raw in Manhattan were seriously damaged in the looting last night on the seventh night of unrest

Horrific moment looters plow straight into a NYPD officer with their SUV in Greenwich Village and others attack cops in the Bronx 

An NYPD officer was left injured on Monday morning after he was run over by an SUV driven by looters who had just ransacked a Manhattan cell phone repair store, authorities have said.

Surveillance video shows a group of seven assailants running along Sixth Avenue and 8th Street in Greenwich Village at 3.30am, carrying various items in their arms having just broken into the I Fix Screens cell phone store nearby.

Some of the assailants then jump into a red Ford Explorer that had been waiting for them in the street. An NYPD van monitoring the situation from behind then speeds towards the SUV, before pulling alongside it to try and box it in.

An NYPD officer is seen getting out from the passenger side of the marked vehicle when the SUV drives away, running over the officer in its path and hauling him onto the hood of the car.

The assailants then fled the scene. Meanwhile, paramedics were called and the officer was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center in stable condition with injuries to his legs, authorities said.

The brazen crime came during a night of looting and protests in the city over the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police last week.

Surveillance footage also shows the group of young men kicking in the front door of the I Fix Screens store, ransacking the stockroom and shelves before fleeing.

No arrests have been made and the incident remains under investigation.

The SUV that struck the officer was a late model Ford Explorer with temporary Wisconsin plates, police have said. Another car, a late model Honda Accord with New Jersey plates, was seen fleeing from the scene.

The NYPD released the surveillance images of the looters on Tuesday in the hope that members of the public will help to identify them, offering a reward of up to $2500 for any information that leads to their arrests.

Anyone with information regarding the identity of the suspects or their whereabouts are urged to contact NYPD Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

A police officer was brutally beaten by protesters on the streets of New York City as unrest sparked by the killing of George Floyd continues.

Shocking footage shows the NYPD cop being held down on the sidewalk as a man repeatedly hits him with a large object.

An onlooker - who is filming the attack in the Bronx - yells 'f*** 12', slang criticising the police's drug enforcement unit.

A second video, which was also taken in the Bronx last night, appears to show a cop being hit by a car as it charges straight into him before rapidly driving away.

The cop can be seen lying on the floor before an ambulance quickly pulls up. 

It came on the same night that looters ransacked Manhattan's designer stores as New York City's 11pm curfew failed to stop people smashing windows and running off with piles of merchandise.

White police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd's neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds last week. Floyd passed out and later died. 

His death is seen as a symbol of systemic police brutality against African-Americans sparking outrage and largely-peaceful protests country-wide.

But looters hit New York City again last night in what that many have labelled an opportunistic grab for goods at a time of national crisis.

It follows similar scenes on Sunday night in which people ransacked Soho and stores on Fifth Avenue in an orchestrated attack.

In response to Sunday's unrest, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio imposed a curfew on all residents apart from essential workers, anyone seeking medical attention and the homeless.

But the measures did not quell the violence last night and, as a result, the curfew will start three-hours earlier at 8pm on Tuesday.


Despite hundreds of people being arrested overnight in Manhattan for looting, thousands more returned to the streets for peaceful protests on Tuesday. 

The looting is happening separately from dozens of other planned events involving protesters marching in outrage over the police killing of George Floyd. 

They are what kicked off the nation's response to Floyd's death and in New York City, have been the bulk of the outrage.  

Protesters are seen demonstrating in NYC on Tuesday as they march through the streets calling for justice

Protesters take to the streets of NYC wearing PPE amid the coronavirus outbreak

King Fahie stands in front of a boarded up store, Tuesday, in the Fordham Road area of the Bronx 

Following a night of looting, peaceful demonstrations continued in Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon - people march on Broadway above

Thousands of protesters took to the streets throughout NYC to show anger at Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin who was filmed kneeling on George Floyd's neck before he was later pronounced dead at a local hospital

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