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Nursery has NINE sets of twins enrolled at the same time

Staff have been left seeing double after a record-breaking NINE sets of twins all enrolled at the same nursery.

Workers at Stockport Village Nursery in Stockport, Greater Manchester, were stunned when they realised they had three sets of twins attending at the same time - and even more shocked when six more arrived.

Now, the preschool's 120-strong cohort is home to eight sets of non-identical and one sets of identical twins, all from the local area - and staff believe they're the only kindergarten in the UK to have ever looked after this many at once.

The phrase double trouble is an understatement when it comes to Lottie and Gracie Catterall, five months, Tobias and Arlo McHugh, two, Rey and Joanie Layton, four, Chloe and Emily Worrall, three, Archie and Ben Lowther, four, Elizabeth and Olivia Handby, one, Penelope and Grace McMahon, one, Sadie and Lottie Dean, two, and Sia and Ava Vivaldi, two. 

Each set of twins has been assigned to a different member of staff, but luckily there's no need for name tags because only one set are identical - sisters Rey and Joanie. 

Stockport Village Nursery in Stockport, Greater Manchester, believe that they've broken the UK record for the number of twins enrolled at once, pictured top: Steph Doxsey holding her twin daughters Gracie Catterall, both five months, pictured left to right back row: Tobias & Arlo McHugh, two, Rey & Joanie Layton, four, Chloe & Emily Worrall, three, Archie and Ben Lowther, four. pictured front row: Elizabeth & Olivia Handby, 22mo, Penelope & Grace McMahon, one, Sadie & Lottie Dean, two, Sia & Ava Vivaldi, two

Stockport Village Nursery initially had three sets of twins enrolled, but have since welcomed six more, pictured: Sadie & Lottie Dean, two

Staff at the nursery say that they can tell the children apart because only one set are identical, but said that it can get confusing when parents dress them in matching outfits  

However, with parents at times dressing the youngsters up in matching outfits, it can be a challenge revealed nursery manager Lyndsey Cross.

The 36-year-old said: 'We've always had a lot of twins, but when we had three sets we were quite shocked, so to have nine is something else.

'We must be the only nursery in the UK to have this many - we've never had this many at once before.

'We think it's quite funny and it's quite unusual. There must be something in the water.

'It can be confusing for staff. But thankfully they aren't all identical, so we can tell the difference and one set belong to a member of staff.'

Stockport Village Nursery who have around 120 children, don't ask the children to wear name tags, because only one set of twins, Rey and Joanie Layton, four (pictured), is identical 

Nursery manager Lyndsey Cross, 36, admits it can be confusing to identify the children and that parents love to dress their twins in matching clothes. Pictured: Tobias and Arlo McHugh, two

Lyndsey who revealed the most twins they've had enrolled at once previously is three sets, said the lookalike siblings are often the topic of conversation in the playground. Pictured: Elizabeth and Olivia Handby, 22 months

Lyndsey revealed that the nursery have always had lots of twins, thanks to their sibling discount, but their highest number of sets at once was previously just three.

She said it's usually the main topic of conversation in the playground as parents can't believe how many twins there are.

Lyndsey added: 'The other parents can't believe it, they always mention it in the mornings.'

Lyndsey added that the quite unusual number of twins enrolled could be due to their sibling discount. Pictured: Sia and Ava Vivaldi, two

The nursery manager claims parents mentions the nine sets of twins every morning. Pictured: Penelope and Grace McMahon, one 

Nursery worker Steph Doxsey, 31, who is also mother to Lottie and Gracie, five months (pictured), said she's never seen so many twins at a nursery

Nursery worker Steph Doxsey, 31, who is also mother to the youngest set of twins, Lottie and Gracie, said she couldn't believe it when the number of twins kept rising.

She said: 'It's crazy. I've never heard of so many twins at a nursery.

'Sometimes, because there are so many of them, if they don't come in matching outfits I don't like it.

'When they're all together, they just sit looking around at each other like they're thinking "Oh, you've got a twin too".'

 Steph admits that she doesn't like when the children don't come in matching outfits, pictured: Archie and Ben Lowther, four

Steph revealed that when the twins are together, they sit looking around at each other like they're thinking 'oh, you've got a twin too', pictured: Chloe & Emily Worrall, three